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The Best Thing About Trump? He’s a Limited Edition. Some People are very happy about that.

Remember something called the Arab Brotherhood? The world-wide community of muslims who take care of each other? It’s a crock.

Here are some numbers to contemplate: Jordan and Lebanon, the poorest of the Arab nations took in 630,000 Syrian refugees and 1.3 million respectively. The rest of them – Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain have taken in zero refugees.

Add to this mix the fact that Iraqis and other arabs are looking at a ticket out of their countries and you have the making of a monumental humanitarian crisis happening as we speak in Europe. Those countries are small and cannot possibly handle the endless numbers of people seeking a new life away from their oppressive regimes.

European countries are looking at a tsunami of people and are scrambling to build walls and fences to keep these people out. It’s too late. They have landed on the shores of Europe and they are not leaving, fences or not.

Australia said they are taking in 12,000 syrians. What they failed to mention is that they are selecting only the christians. They are not interested in the muslims. And that ladies and gentlemen is the big elephant in the room. No one knows exactly what they are getting. There are no background checks on these people. Add to that the fact that most of the time when large swaths of muslims enter a country they do not integrate. They set up a mini-arab country in whatever little town they happen to be in and carry on as though they were in, oh say Syria. You may not like Harper’s attitude to this crisis, but if you really look at the situation, you will see that he’s the only realistic one of the bunch.

A final word on this story. If you want to know who are the 190 cities in the United States taking in Arabs that have never nor will be vetted, just go to this site and scroll down: Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration Office of Admissions – Refugee Processing Center Affiliate Directory.

Here’s something that you’re gonna love. Guess what button is coming to facebook? A dislike button with a thumb down. Imagine, people post things you don’t like. Really? Can we talk? People post the most idiotic things on facebook and it’s high time that instead of hiding them from our page, we can send those morons a message to get a life.

Here’s a scary thought. Hillary was seriously thinking about making Bill her VP running mate. Could you imagine? Unfortunately she was told it would be unconstitutional. She doesn’t have to worry. The chances that she will be running for president will be greatly diminished once the 30,000 emails that she thought had been trashed will now be scrutinized by authorities. It seems that even if you think you have erased things they are in fact, still alive and kicking.

The Republican party has no clue how to deal with Donald Trump. Tomorrow night there is another debate and they are seeking help in how to deal with a bully. It would serve them much better to figure out how to deal with someone who just says it as it is.

People find Trump abrasive and abusive. Personally, we like his style because much of what he says is the truth. Seems the American public feels the same way as they he is way ahead of any of his rivals in the polls.

To site but one example, we heard an interview with him recently where he stated clearly that the government is a business and as such should be run as a business. And to run a business one puts in the best people for the task, not their best friends. Touche.

We’ll talk…

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