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The Blanche Report: Blinking, Humpty Dumpty & Thin and Pretty

Seems that someone is blinking in the standoff between the Republicans and Democrats, but as they both appear to be wearing sunglasses no one is sure which party actually did the blinking nor what’s really going on. There will be a vote tonight to try and end the government shutdown which will ensure that on Thursday the US will not default on their loan – which would really make things hit the fan.  But wait  – part of the vote is that the peace treaty is only good until December when they may get a chance to do this all over again.

Once this is settled, watch for John Boehner, the speaker of the house to be looking for a new job. He’s toast as is the Republican party for a long time after this. What a bunch of losers.

This past Saturday night there was a shopping frenzy in Walmart in a couple of small towns in Louisana. We heard that Ellie-May told Joe- Bob to go git the truck outta the yard – the blue one not the red one and gun it to Walmart.

It seems that those had an EBT card (electronic debit card –  aka food stamps) from the government hit the jackpot. For two hours their balances showed unlimited funds. It was the old ‘computer glitch’ problem.

Zut alors at 9:00 pm the fun ended. One woman got to the cash with a $700 order and punkt! her balance showed $.49. Yes Blanche, that’s 49 cents. The store said they would not press charges if she left the baskets of food, which she did. Guess it was fun while it lasted.

A few days ago, we noticed  a new and very clean bus stop hut. We remarked on how long it will remain that way until a graffiti ‘artist’ gets his little spray paint can in there. And a few days ago we heard that if someone’s business gets nailed by those ‘artists’, the owners have a very small window to get it cleaned up before the city steps in a fines them.

Uh, Blanche, something’s very wrong with this picture. Why do these ‘artists’ think they are entitled to deface other people’s property when  they feel ‘creative’? Who exactly deemed buildings, underpasses, garage doors and any other outdoor surface their personal canvas? The lack of respect for others, be it their property or their being is what is the problem here.

And that is exactly what ails princess pauline. Her total lack of respect for others – be it their religion, language or how they dress is the essence of the issue. Doesn’t it sound like she was brought up in a barn?

Her sense of entitlement reminds us of humpty dumpty – I am the premier of the province and I can do what I want. Legally she can. Morally, she is empty.  Remember what happened to humpty dumpty? He fell off the wall and all the kings horses and all the kings men could not put him together again.

And now to the Montreal mayoralty election. Could someone please take the needle out of Richard Bergeron’s arm? He is focusing much of his campaign on building a streetcar system in Montreal. At least we know that he is delusional even before putting a toe into city hall. Next.

Melanie Joly has the best ads by far. She’s cute, young, blonde, thin and smart. Of course she is a neophyte when it comes to running the city, but hey, how bad could she be? The geniuses who said they knew what they were doing turned out to be criminals and losers. At least she can learn on the job and won’t profess to know everything. Does it ever happen that you have to run to the grocery store and, uh, well you’re not exactly looking your best – to say the least. Well, you may have to at least comb your hair beginning in 2015. Some big food brands are floating the idea of putting cameras on store shelves to see who buys their items – male or female, young or old. Get a life.

Je suis Montrealaise – and happy to be one!

We’ll talk…

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