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The Blanche Report: Extremists, Baseball & An Anniversary

Today the extreme of extreme Quebecers came forward – the Jean Baptist society to be exact – with some asinine accusations amongst them accusing CJAD of being a Quebec anglo radio garbage can. They said pastagate was just an excuse to drag Quebec’s name through the mud all over the world. But the best is that they say that Francophones here are under constant attack and are planning a road-trip across Canada to make Canadians aware of their plight.

We think that these dudes may have temporarily forgotten that we still live in a democracy and  freedom of speech is  part of that. Censorship is not part of our vocabulary.

The other thing is the silence of Phillip Couillard. Where the ‘h’ is he? Why isn’t he making mincemeat of these ridiculous people? He best get his act together – quickly.

Baseball is Montreal? Give us a break. A report was done jointly by Ernst and Young and the Montreal Board of Trade. They came up with the following: The cost of building a new downtown stadium would be about $500 million with $335 million coming from the government; but all of that would be recouped within eight years. We will remind you that the government has a deficit of about $2 billion. Recouping within 8 years? We have swampland in Florida for you. Oh wait – we have a bridge to sell you.

Ladies and gentlemen – read point number one in this news blog. Then read point number two. Someone or everyone in these stories is delusional. If Moishe Schwartz  bought Canada Post it would be called Schwartz Post. Would it would lose money? We think not.

In today’s paper they very politely showed you Canada Post by the numbers. We’ll give you a few other numbers: How about 3 ‘Group’ Presidents and – ready – 19 Vice Presidents. Blanche – you’re kidding right? Nope. Now read on for the real problem – the pensions.

Like we keep saying – go work for the government. You toil for a few years and then get paid for the rest of your life. Canada Post is a blatant example of this. Not do be demeaning, but one does not have to be a rocket scientist to deliver the mail. Oh, there may be the occasional biting dog, but that’s about it. Ah, but when you retire you get to live off the fat of the land.

Sounds like the government is floating a balloon to see the reaction of the public. We say – get rid of the pensions and move on.

Unless you’ve been curled up in your sleeping bag for the past two days, you know that the dude doing the sign language at the Mandela memorial was a fraud – he had no clue how to do sign language. He stood on stage three feet from Obama, wildly gesturing his arms doing nothing but that – wildly gesturing.  It gets better. He now says he’s schizophrenic and was not taking his meds. No kidding.

Savor this little ditty: A new smartphone game has been developed making fun of the charter of values. It asks players to touch the animated characters’ headgear – ie – turban, kippah and hijab. The best is how you win:  The last level is the premier, and she has a pot on her head, referring to Pauline Marois’s participation in the casseroles demonstrations during the 2012 student protests. You have to tap the pot as many times as you can and swipe it off of her head and then you win! We love this game!!! And it’s available in English and French. Phew.

In a mock presidential poll, Hilary Clinton and Chris Christie (Governor of New Jersey) were neck and neck. Although the election is still two years away, these two are by far the front runners – should they choose to run.

If Joe Biden tried to run against Hilary for the Democratic presidential nomination, he would lose by a landslide. Best he start planning his speaking tours.

The dude running North Korea, Kim Jong Un is someone to be very wary of. Today he had his uncle executed, saying that he was a traitor and worse than a dog. One thing is for sure – the uncle ain’t barking anymore.

Saturday is the anniversary of the horrific Sandy Hook elementary massacre. There’s not much to say. The gun laws never changed and the rest of the world went on with their lives. There is something to do. Pray.  For peace in the world, for an end to bloodshed, for those who need emotional and physical healing.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk….

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