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The Blanche Report: Idiocy At Its Best

Just when you thought things were settling down, up pop those who are determined to undermine a great place. Today the presentations began on the charter of separation. We have decided that’s really what it is, so let’s call a spade a spade. Bury the charter of values because there are no values in that charter.

Before anyone had uttered a word, drainville the brainwave said they are changing nothing in the charter. So, if you want, speak, but dat’s da law la.

Exactly what is the point of making any kind of presentation? No point. The only thing we can hope for is that every nutball living here comes to talk. At least we will know for sure what we are dealing with.

Yesterday pieces of an overpass – read concrete – fell on a few cars. It was the weather, it was cold, it was hot, it rained, it snowed, it melted, there was salt.

Can we talk? The infrastructure in this province was engineered and constructed by people with an IQ of 10. Couple that with pay-offs, little envelopes passing hands, watered down cement and you have the perfect recipe for concrete falling on cars. Wait – the minister of transport says we shouldn’t worry. They checked everything and it’s fine. And we have swampland for you in Florida.

Here’s a tip: When you get to an overpass where you can stop before going under to wait for a light – stop before the overpass. If you have to drive under an overpass on the highway, hold your breath and gas it.

Here’s something for you to ponder: In the new mega-hospital being built here, the government is floating the idea that if you have to stay overnight, you will have to pay for your room. Yes Blanche, if your tests take all night in the emergency, which they always do, you will be paying to sleep there. Hey, maybe they’ll use hotwire so we can bid on rooms – with a window $500, with a door, $250, with a curtain, $150 and finally a shared inside room, $50.

We hope that you did not have too many dealings with the Clintons over the past few years. It seems they have a hit list, keeping track of those they deem have crossed them over the years.  We guess that Hillary thinks she’s going to be the next president and those who are on that list will either get punished (the IRS will come after them with a microscope) or they won’t get any positions in her government. Talk about entitled. Feh, feh, feh. The governor of New Jersey is quickly falling into a quagmire and it seems he’s not the nice, clean guy everyone thought he was.

The mayor of Fort Lee was not the only one who incurred punishment for not supporting him. After Hurricane Sandy, the mayor of Hoboken declined to support Christie. She received 1% of the funds she requested for aid at that time. After winning the 2013 election in Jersey City, the mayor there also refused to endorse Christie. He had meetings scheduled with agency heads and they were all cancelled.

Something is beginning to smell fishy here and it’s not because New Jersey is on the Atlantic ocean. Ever hear of an ice quake? No, Blanche, it’s not a quack joke. Water that sinks into the soil and bedrock where it freezes and expands, causes an explosive boom that feels like a mild earthquake. We actually heard a loud crack from our roof and now we understand what it is.

One dude in rural Wisconsin heard an explosive sound and initially thought his garage might have blown up. That wasn’t the case. Then he checked his basement, thinking a wall had split. Everything looked fine. It wasn’t until the next morning that he discovered the driveway fissure – an inch wide and almost a foot deep. Global warming. No, wait – climate change. No wait – winter! Here’s something that will do wonders for the Sochi olympics: The U.S. State Department has issued a travel alert for Americans traveling to Sochi for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Over the weekend police defused two handmade bombs about 400 miles from the games.

Below is a link to an article that should be read, pasted on one’s forehead, fridge door and made viral It was written by Charles Krauthammer entitled Wear the Yellow Star with Pride.

It has to do with the boycott by the American Studies Association (ASA) of Israeli universities accusing them of denying human rights to palestinians.  In case you thought that antisemitism is ‘over there’, think again.  It’s coming to a theater near you.

We’ll talk..

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