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The Blanche Report: Kahoonas, Girders & Forever and Ever Pensions

Finally a leading Afro American has stepped forward to condemn the knockout game. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said the so-called knockout game in which a person is randomly assaulted, while another person films it with their phone or other device is not a game at all. In fact, he said a lot more than that and we quote:

“Anyone caught taking part in the “knockout” game will face charges ranging from aggravated assault up to third degree murder, but that’s not all. You’re also hurting another human being for no reason at all. There’s no excuse for this kind of behavior, it will not be tolerated here in the city. We will do everything we can to both prevent, but if someone does engage, we will catch you. You’ll be prosecuted, and your life will be changed dramatically.” Hurray for Nutter.

At long last someone with kahoonas not afraid to stand up for morality. Blanche, do me a favah and call dat president Obama. Tell him to git in touch with dat mayor of Philly. Maybe he could knock some sense (pardon the pun) into da president’s head.

Denis Cordere, Montreal’s new mayor is another dude with some serious kahoonas. His newly-elected city council quickly passed a resolution today, opposing the PQ’s secularism charter (formerly known as the Charter of  Values now with a 28 word title – but we digress). Princess Pauline and her missives must be having apoplexy today. What exactly are they going to do now that the mayor of the city that is the engine and money-maker of the province just flipped them the bird? Sit back and watch the show.

Don’t know about you, but that emergency super-girder which is supposedly going to hold up the Champlain bridge, doesn’t do much to allay our fears. We won’t even say what they are, but we have a feeling that everyone is thinking the same thing. To add to the excitement, winter is arriving.

In case you were wondering about the logistics, one of the ‘officials’ in charge explained that the emergency beam weighs 75 tonnes and is going to sit it on top of the existing beam that already has cracks in it. “It’s a very delicate operation” he said.  Oh really. Like everyone thought it was like a walk in the park. Doink. Ladies and gentleman, if the super-girder trick doesn’t work, you can erase the Champlain Bridge from your vocabulary, which we have a feeling some people have already done.

Edward Snowden is back in the news. British and U.S. intelligence officials say they are worried about a “doomsday” cache of highly classified, heavily encrypted material they believe former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has stored on a data cloud. The cache contains documents generated by the NSA and other agencies and includes names of U.S. and allied intelligence personnel, seven current and former U.S. officials.

What does doomsday mean? If anything happens to Snowden, someone out there in cyber-heaven is going to leak all of this highly classified information. Let’s take a bet that for the foreseeable future, no one will touch him with an eight foot pole.

Possible presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is making a small fortune these days. Hillary took home a hefty $450,000 fee for addressing the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Global Financial Leadership Conference last week in Naples, Fla. Not bad for an hour talk.

You may have missed this little ditty a couple of days ago. Canada Post warns it will need a significant cash infusion by the middle of next year to meet pension payment obligations estimated at $1 billion. We keep asking the same question. Why do government employees – at every level of government –  win the lifetime pension lottery just because they worked for the government? It just does not make any sense.

Listen for the rumors that will begin shortly. To save money home mail delivery will be cut to alternating days or one or two days a week. All to pay – forever and ever – government pensions. 

Notre Montreal! Let’s take our city back!

We’ll talk…

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