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The Blanche Report: No Shortage of Brainwaves

There is no doubt that the hearings and presentations on Quebec’s meaningless and useless charter are bringing the nutballs out from under their balconies.

Some little chickadee from deep in the heart of Quebec’s swampland, who of course professed her love for the charter and all that it represents, said that she thinks zombie marches should be banned and mormons should be expelled from here for proselytizing.

Hello?? The only ones who need to be expelled are brainwaves creating an issue where there was no issue, who are creating divisiveness where there was no divisiveness. Blanche – go git them some Purina dog chow cause they’re lettin dis place go to da dawgs. Be happy you were not in Atlanta Georgia in the past few days. They got 2 inches of snow and the entire infrastructure of the city broke down. The weather was partially to blame, but a heap of blame goes to the mayor and his entourage. At 1:00 pm on Tuesday afternoon, they told everyone – and we mean everyone – to go home. So what do you think happened? The biggest traffic jams known to man, with snow falling and no one knowing how to drive in snow, nor having snow tires.

The result? People slept in Walmart, Home Depot, Pharmacies, on busses, in their cars, in gas stations. You get the picture. It took people 10 hours to do a 15 minute drive. Let’s invite them here for a snow101 class.

This Sunday is known as Super Bowl Sunday.  The game is being played outdoors – yes Blanche, in the winter – in New Jersey just across the bridge from New York. In case you didn’t know, the Seattle Seahawks are playing the Denver Broncos.

The average ticket was $2,646 but as the game is rapidly approaching you can grab a ticket for $1500 to sit in the freezing cold. Of course if you have a tailgate party – again in the freezing cold – by the time you get to the game (hiccup) you won’t know if you’re cold or not.  And don’t worry about a submarine attacking. The navy has all the water around the stadium covered. Don’t you feel safe now?

The infamous Sochi olympics are set to begin next Friday. In case you were wondering how the security issues are going, they’re not. The world is holding its collective breath, waiting to see what happens. The NHL announced it has no plan b in case the Canadian team has to come home.

The construction for the main areas of the games seems to be almost ready but once you step two feet away, it’s another story. Half finished hotels, sidewalks built last year already crumbling, an apartment building that is supposed to house volunteers unfinished. Corruption at its best – aside from here.

Here we go again. Usernames and passwords of some of Yahoo’s email customers have been stolen and used to gather personal information about people those Yahoo mail users have recently corresponded with. Yahoo didn’t say how many accounts have been affected. Yahoo is the second-largest email service worldwide, after Google’s Gmail. There are 273 million Yahoo mail accounts worldwide, including 81 million in the U.S.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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