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The Blanche Report: Opting Out, The Glitch, Bibiane

After an inspection of the Turcot Interchange revealed damage requiring immediate attention, one of the two lanes were shut down. Immediate attention means that the overpass could not hold up the amount of cars, trucks and buses that travel on it daily. The quebec transport ministry said they are putting epoxy in the cracks, cleaning the concrete to add reinforcement.

There are two things to note here. The first is that the responsibility of that highway and overpass is the Quebec Transport. It is a provincial matter.  Do you think for half a second that princess pauline gives a hoot if the Turcot overpass falls? She’s way to busy with the charter of values, deciding if she should hold an election and fighting with Ottawa.

The second thing is if the overpass is shaky and the same amount of cars are passing over it on one lane instead of two, uh, would you be nervous on that road? Of course the minister says everything will be alright in a couple of months. Blanche, we have some land to sell you in Florida.

You better watch who you call if your phone carrier is Bell. Beginning November 16 they will literally know what web pages you visit, which search terms you enter, where you happen to be, what apps you use, what television you watch, even your calling patterns. All of this so that they can target you with relevant ads. But there’s some good news.

You have until November 16 to opt out. Ah, but only opt out of receiving the ads. You cannot opt out of them tracking you.

Bibiane Bovet has resigned. Who is she? A transgender lady of the night (how coy) who was running on Melanie Joly’s (who is running for mayor) ticket. It didn’t look to good that Bibiane was running given her background and cv, if you get the drift. Guess Joly is really a neophyte in terms of politics to allow someone like that on her team. And one more thing. What the heck name is Bibiane?? The mother-of-all never-ending computer glitches is continuing with Obamacare. Get this – 19 million people have visited and only 476,000 have been successful in joining. It was reported today that the federal health care exchange was built using 10-year-old technology that may require constant fixes and updates for the next six months and the eventual overhaul of the entire system. Uh Blanche, that could be a big problem.

It seems that Obama is searching out the best and brightest techies in the country to help with the problem. Why didn’t he call them in the first place?

Louise Harel who is running under Marcel Cote’s bid for mayor made a juicy announcement yesterday. She wants someone on the municipal level to be responsible for the promotion of the French language. Last we heard the office de la langue francais aka the language police to that. First we heard that by saying this she’s trying to sabatoge Cote’s bid for mayor. Then we heard that she means what she says. We think that she must have either been smoking or drinking something before those words came out of her mouth. She couldn’t have made that statement being sober. Either that or princess pauline was behind her and she was the puppet. Hehehehe. If you’re planning to go to China in the next while, stay away from the city of Harbin. Seems everyone turned on their coal furnace at the same time causing smog the likes of which North Americans have never seen. Visibility was reduced to about 50 meters. Schools and factories were closed. From the pictures, it kind of looks like the plague of darkness. Caroline Kennedy is the new ambassador to Japan. Just keeping you in the loop.

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