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The Blanche Report: Reading Between the Lines, Soul-Crushing Cold & Selfies

Anyone who fell for the CAQ’s ‘we’re not separatists anymore’ line in the last election should be hanging their head today. The truth is you should have started quite a while ago. We don’t want to bust your bubble, but once a separatist always a separatist. We are speaking of Francois Legault, leader of the CAQ. And guess what – because so many people voted for the CAQ, the Liberals lost and the PQ won. Simple as that. The CAQ split the vote.

Monsieur Legault says if his party’s conditions are met it could prop-up the Parti Quebecois in the spring budget, ensuring the survival of the minority government. Wait, it gets better. If the changes they propose for the charter of values are accepted by princess pauline, they will support that as well.

Can we talk? When we get to another election – which we will sooner or later –  pay attention. You may not like the Liberals and you may blame them for much of what is transpiring here today and you may be right, but we’re still better off with them than the PQ.  And don’t fall for another ‘ex’ separatist.

Ever hear of ‘soul-crushing’ cold? In East Antarctica the temperature fell to -135.8 Fahrenheit or for you young’uns, 93.5 c below zero. NASA reported that Earth set a new record for the coldest day. So what does it have to do with us? It’s about to get very cold here, thankfully not as cold as Antarctica, but cold enough to invest in long underwears. Hehehehehe.

At the Mandela memorial today, Obama outdid himself – not only with his speech. After he finished he went out of his way to bounce up some stairs and shake the hand of Raul Castro, Fidel’s little brother. Seems Obama got caught up in the moment of forgiveness and reconciliation.

To put things into perspective, the United States has not had diplomatic relations with Cuba for 50 years and this is the first time the two men ever met. Oh, and one more thing. Cuba is a totalitarian state with ties to many terrorist organizations.

Obama was very busy at the memorial. Seems he was seated next to a blonde who happened to be the Prime Minister of Denmark. Zut alors before you could say take a picture, Obama took a selfie with both British Prime Minister David Cameron (who was seated on his other side) and Denmark’s Prime Minister. The funny part about that picture is the snapshot someone got of Michelle’s face as her husband is busy with his phone. She was not included in the selfie and looked like she wanted to kill her husband. Oops.

Here’s something worth reading. It’s an article that appeared in today’s National Post entitled Imagining Montreal as a City State. Although the key word right now is imagining, stranger things have happened. The idea is fantastic. It now needs a strong, passionate person to step up to the plate, take the reins and lead the troops.  Oh, and by the way, there is a group who is passionate about it. It’s called Critiq. Google it –    Here’s the link to the column:

Remember that gorgeous glass tree that sat in front of Montreal’s museum of fine arts all summer? In case you haven’t noticed, it’s gone. Well, the city is trying to buy it and leave it there permanently. The cost? Between $500,000 and $1million. We’ll keep you posted.

In case you were planning to go the olympic games in Sochi, may we suggest you stay away from the ‘protest zones’. Yes Blanche, Russia will set up public protest zones in Sochi during the Winter Olympics, a move unlikely to defuse criticism of the country’s human rights record. We loved this next quote from some official: “This is a measure we welcome, so that everybody can express his or her free opinion.” In Russia? Free expression of opinion? Come on.

We’ll talk…

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