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The Blanche Report – Special Sunday Edition

It is very evident that Bernard Drainville, Parti Québécois Minister of Democratic Institutions, is not going to issue any kind of apology for either his actions or remarks last week. We are referring to his inappropriate reaction and subsequent interviews both in print and on the radio on finding out that parking restrictions have been suspended for Jewish holidays (for the past 30 years or so)  in parts of Montreal with a large Jewish population. It is interesting to note that many other municipalities have suspended parking for other holidays, as well as street closures for parades.

As well, we noted that the Gazette did not deem it important enough to print even one word of what transpired.

So what to do now? Take to the streets? It’s not our way, although we must say that it worked last year for the students. Eventually they brought down the government. One thing is for sure, no public figure or party likes to be criticized publicly for any length of time. It just doesn’t look good.  Princess Pauline may think she can deflect attention away from the real issues like the economy, insane taxes and crumbling infrastructure, but eventually things come back to bite her.

After much reflection we found something that could perhaps lead us to some kind of answer and it comes, very appropriately, from the Torah. There were three brothers who fathered the Levite families – Kehas which means harmony, Gershon which means expulsion and Merari which means frustration. We focused on the latter, Merari – frustration –  as this is where we find ourselves right now. Frustrated that we cannot seem to penetrate the wall of a government intent on destroying one of the few places on earth that has an unbelievable quality of life.

The Merari family carried the pillars and planks of the Tabernacle – the foundation. Even though their position was directly connected to holiness, they had a hard time dislodging some negative patterns in their lives. This family represents our condition today.

We live in a wonderful place plagued with negativity and are not apathetic to our condition, we are frustrated and disturbed by it. And now we must take this frustration turn it into something positive.

We must be unrelenting in our communication with those in our community who have the ear of those in power.

We must continue to send emails to Drainville and Marois telling them that we do not accept intolerant behavior from elected officials who, in a democratic society, represent everyone who lives here.

We must use social media to get the word out to the world. Use your connections and send the links below to everyone that you know.  As well, send them the link to Drainville and Marois and tell them to use it. We are attaching a link of this story that was sent and printed in the Wall Street Journal.

Jews have always stood together and today is no different.  To use the slogan of Federation CJA – I’m in it for one another. Now is the time for everyone speak with one voice, loudly and clearly.

Link to the article in the National Post:

Link to Bernard Drainville

Link to FederationCJA:

We’ll talk…

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