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The Blanche Report: The Protest, The Shutdown & The Suit

Today we went to the protest against the charter of values. Believe it or not, it was our very first protest. For sure princess pauline knew this was taking place and was watching. One of the best parts of the protest was that it was organized by young french Canadian professionals.

We walked alongside young women in hijabs pushing strollers, Orthodox Jewish families, French Canadian families, Pakistanis, Indians, Jamaicans, you name it. We found the atmosphere to be determined – this is our home, we are Montrealers, Quebecers and Canadians and the bigoted policies of our government will not divide us. We are prepared to stand up to those who are set on destroying our home.

The only disappointment – and it was a huge disappointment – was the fact that the MNA for our riding D’Arcy McGee – who is Jewish and the only Jewish member of the National Assembly in Quebec –  refused to put on a yarmulka. Tommy – Montreal’s premier radio announcer ran into him at the protest and remarked immediately why he was not wearing a yarmulka. No response. Just shrugged his shoulders. He was then given a yarmulka which he promptly put into his pocket. By this time we were incensed. We strolled over to him and said, “If not now, when?” We have yet to figure out why he is afraid to be seen in public as a visible Jew. Shame on him.

The next protest is scheduled for Sunday October 20. Mark the date in your calendar, put a ribbon on your finger, a memo on your forehead and show up. As we told that MNA – if not now – when?

Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress are waging a budget battle that threatens a government shutdown on October 1 unless lawmakers reach a compromise on a federal spending measure. Here’s what might happen if the government of the United States of America actually shut down:

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800,000 non-essential government employees could be sent home without pay

The state department’s bureau of consular affairs would go offline. That means that half a million visa and passport applications would sit in internet heaven somewhere for every week of the shutdown. Imagine the backlog?

If you happen to live in the District of Columbia in Washington, you will have no garbage pickup.

No renewal of driver’s license would take place as all the DMV (department of motor vehicle) office would be shut down.

As we are wont to say – the grass ain’t greener on the other side.

Andre Boisclair, former head of the Parti Quebcois, was relieved of his duties as Quebec’s official representative in New York City on Friday. Why you may ask. In order to fight the allegations put out by Jacques Duchesneau,  Coalition member of the legislature and former Montreal Chief of Police, who alleged Boisclair authorized a $2.5-million subsidy in 2003 for a construction project involving a company that had ties to the Hells Angels. Duchesneau made a link between the criminal organization and the fact that Boisclair has admitted to using cocaine before. What you say? A politician who isn’t quite honest? We have certainly heard that song before haven’t we Blanche?

Although he doth protest vehemently, princess pauline is obviously unimpressed with his overtures as she hauled him back to Montreal quicker than a sniffer dog can sniff your luggage at the airport – pardon the pun.

And Blanche – that position in New York was one of the cushiest you can have. Great apartment, wining and dining ‘officials’, shopping for clothes to look good for the wining and dining. Looks like the suave Boisclair will now be busy with lawyers back here in la belle province as he said he is suing Duchesneau.

Short report – another one on Tuesday.

We’ll talk…

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