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The Blanche Report: The Stadium, The Weiner & The Ambassador

The Olympic stadium is a bad smell that just won’t go away. We read – yet again – that the roof is deteriorating. Now that’s a surprise – not! That place is the root and mother-of-all corruption scandals. People who were involved in the construction of that building walked away with gzillions of dollars in cash. They probably had to make a new version of socks and pockets in their pants to hold all the money. Zut alors – after a few years, the concrete started falling and the roof had holes. It was fixed in 1999 for $30 million only to cave in a year later under the weight of a snowfall.

And today? The brainwave Alouettes, Montreal’s pathetic excuse for a football team, is crying because they need the big Owe if they want to hold the Grey Cup here in 2017. Ah, but the roof is again causing problems. It has thousands of holes and will cost you over $500 million for repairs which won’t last anyway. If no politician in this city stands up and says that no one more cent should go into that stadium then the entire administration of Montreal is corrupt and they should pay personally for those repairs.

As for the Alouettes – did you ever hear their new coach speak? He sounds like he just got off the bus from Louisiana or wherever he came from. He makes absolutely no sense when he speaks. That is obvious as the team he is now coaching is at the bottom of the barrel. If they don’t win tonight he may need another bus ticket back to wherever he came from.

Someone has to save New York from Anthony Weiner and his wife. It is obvious that they deserve each other. He’s a pervert and she’s an opportunist who, it appears, will do anything to get her obviously sick husband into Gracie Mansion – the home of the mayor of New York.

Aside from all the lewd and completely disgusting details which are now appearing in every form of media, it is a huge embarrassment to New Yorkers that this twit of an individual will not take his name out of the mayoralty race. It was revealed today that, yes Blanche, there’s more stuff coming. Doesn’t Weiner have even a modicum of self-respect? Ich. Edward Snowden got good news and bad news yesterday. The good news is that he finally got some clean clothes after spending a month in the same pair of pants and shirt, not to mention other clothing – feh. The bad news is that although he was granted some kind of asylum in Russia, he still cannot leave his new home at the airport. Documentation takes time and no one is rushing in Snowden’s case. One of the jurors in the George Zimmerman trial has decided that she needs to speak out.  Miss B29 wants to remain anonymous by not giving her last name, yet put her face on Good Morning America. Not the brightest chip in the box.

She is saying that Zimmerman got away with murder. Ah, but she was one of the six jurors who found him not guilty, saying there was not enough evidence to convict him.  Now she feels badly and wants to apologize to Trayvon Martin’s mother. Can we talk?

Something more than meets the eye obviously happened between Zimmerman and Martin and the younger man was killed. But – if there was not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman and the jury found him not guilty, then move on and keep your mouth shut. Unless of course you are out to make some money off the whole ordeal, which she probably is or she would not have let her face be shown.

Guess how old Caroline Kennedy is? Fifty-five. She’s part of the lucky children’s club. (It’s actually not called that, but for purposes of being discreet, we will leave it to your imagination to figure out the real word). Yesterday she was nominated to be the ambassador to Japan, a plumb position. Other than Paris or London, Tokyo is not a bad place to stay for a few years. Given the circumstances of her youth and although she is a tree-hugging, whale-loving, save-the-world gal, she’s pretty normal. We’ll keep you posted re the position.

On July 25, 1978 the first test-tube baby, Louis Brown, was born in Oldham, England.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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