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The Blanche Report: The Talks, The Heist & The Verdict

Perhaps we are very over simplistic. For sure we know almost nothing about the inner machinations and negotiations going on in Israel. We have only one question: Why is it that the ‘peace’ talks could not begin until over 100 murderers/terrorists, who killed, maimed and destroyed people’s lives in Israel were freed?  Is that the way to begin ‘peace’ talks? 

Below is a link to the story of a young woman who was the victim of one of the terrorists set free. Just copy and paste it into your browser. You will understand, as much as we can here in the diaspora, a taste of what some Israelis are going through:

The heist of the century took place over the weekend in Cannes. Over $136 million in diamond jewelry was stolen in a brazen heist. A lone man wearing a mask and gloves and carrying a briefcase, strolled into a diamond exhibition at the Carlton hotel, threatened staff and visitors and filled the case with jewels and diamond-encrusted watches before walking out. Poof! He was gone before you could say there he goes. What a way to make a living.

We must clarify something we wrote in the last blog about Anthony Weiner. What he did is gross. But by not stepping aside from his bid to be mayor of New York (he has gone from first place in the race to fourth) and getting the psychiatric help that he obviously needs, he is making himself the poster boy of all that ails America.

His sense of entitlement, his complete lack of judgment in not understanding what he has done is the problem. His wife is no better than he is. Her desperate need to be the ‘first lady’ of New York is not only blinding her to how truly ill her husband is, but shows her own lack of judgment. Their behavior is, as my late friend’s mother was wont to say – dizguzting. They are acting like spoiled, self-indulgent adults who see only what they perceive is good for themselves. Feh. Feh. Feh. Blanche – could ya find someone in New York ta tell dos two brats ta high tail it outta da city – and fast.

In case your day was not confusing, we’ll give you something to be confused about. Bradley Manning, the dude who gave wikileaks all its information, finally found out his verdict today. The trial was not with a jury, rather with a female judge who heard all the testimony and ruled.

Now for the confusing part: He was acquitted of aiding the enemy — the most serious charge he faced — but was convicted of espionage, theft and nearly every other count for giving secrets to WikiLeaks, a verdict that could see him spend the rest of his life in prison. Legal minds struggled to absorb the meaning of a ruling that cleared him of the most serious which would have carried a potential life sentence, but convicted him of 20 of 22 counts that, together, could also mean life behind bars – like 136 years. He will find out his sentence soon. Get it? Either way he’s spending most of his life in prison.

In the meantime, Julian Assange doesn’t think even though Manning was acquitted of the most serious charge, the verdict is good. Doink! No kidding. And look who’s talking – mister-I’m-spending-the-rest-of-my-life-in-the-Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

What’s with all the train crashes this summer? It appears that the rail industry has to get a hold of itself and put some very strict rules and regulations in place – and people to enforce them. They seem to be completely out of control with no one at the helm.

We’ll talk…

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