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The CAQ won just 41% of the popular vote but 72% of seats, only two of which were in Montreal.

Where is the economic engine that runs the province? Montreal. Now digest this one: Czar Legault never needed Montreal to win the election. As per his last minute tirade against immigrants. Make no mistake. That was pure political machination.

Abitibi-Est and Abitibi-Ouest, part of the czar's base have a smaller population than Mont-Royal-Outremont, yet they take these sparsely populated communities and give them the same number of seats as the densely populated Montreal.

Ergo, Montreal is not proportionately represented in the 125 ridings in Quebec. Which is why we have two of 125 seats in the national assembly.

Do you think the czar is going to tell Duhaime of the conservative party in Quebec that he can have a seat in the national assembly because he won 13% of the popular vote as someone suggested?

Not on your life. The czar is madly in love with power and is going to keep things exactly as they are for as long as he possibly can. He will be successful unless the liberal party can get its act together.

Blanche, ever hear of Joe Bifelstick? He walked around with a permanent cloud over his head. His own personal rain cloud.

Such is the case with Kamala Harris. Nothing, absolutely nothing she does works.

This past Monday she was in her motorcade and they were involved in a single-car accident. What does that mean? The car she was traveling in hit a curb, disabling a wheel and she had to be transferred to another car.

What's interesting about this incident is that it took two days before it was released. At first it was described as 'mechanical failure'. Clearly someone saw what happened an reported the truth. Nothing Biden's administration does is straight. Nothing. What were they trying to hide here?

Anyone see today's paper? In case you didn't here's the sobering headline: The number of cancer patients on surgical wait lists in Quebec has jumped by 41 per cent in the past year and a half, and more than one in five patients are now waiting beyond the medically acceptable delay of 57 days.

Our healthcare system is past life support. It is almost dead. If you value your life, don't get sick. There are not enough doctors, nurses, orderlies, surgeons or anyone connected to the healthcare system to even let you in the door of a hospital.

Czar legault hid this during the election campaign, focusing on the idiotic and ridiculous language laws to appeal to his 'base' who seemingly don't get sick or ever need a doctor.

Anglade, the gnat-brained leader of the liberal party couldn't find this out and bring it to the media before the election?

No she couldn't and no, she will not be the leader of the liberal party when they have a leadership race. They lost close to a $million in funding from the government because they lost so many votes and each vote counts for money. She thinks she's going to stay in that job? What is she smoking?

And those fringe parties? As we said, they took votes from the conservative party. The green party of Quebec got 31,000 votes. Standish's party got 12,981 votes. Balarama Holness's party got 7,774. Whoever votes for that genius again needs their head examined. He was absent from the campaign for the last month.

Our suggestion: Rebuild the liberal party with people who know what they are doing. Not people like David Birnbaum who are obviously in the game for their pension and nothing else and threw us all under the bus.

Then take all those fringe parties and tell them to take a hike or join the liberal party. Stop dividing the vote or you will be stuck with the likes of czar legault and solidaire quebec for many more years.

And speaking of Biden, he got completely bamboozled by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia.

When he went to visit Riyadh in July, the two fist-bumped and appeared to be friends. The president groveled and the prince later announced a boost in oil output — 100,000 barrels per day. The increase, equivalent to 0.1% of global demand, certainly wouldn’t help the U.S., which consumes about 20 million barrels a day. Literally a spit in the ocean.

Yesterday, the same crown prince announced he would slash oil production by 2 million barrels a day. Got that? 2 million barrels a day.

Biden's perfectly woke press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre - black, a woman and an immigrant - said that it is clear OPEC is aligning with Russia. Duh. What a genius.

Biden's fist-pump was a massive failure. We can't wait until save-the-turtles-whales crowd who will not allow oil drilling anywhere, start to get cold in the winter. You can be certain they will be complaining very loudly. Too late peeps. Go hug a turtle.

Much to the chagrin of black lives matter, the woke culture, those who ascribe to male, female and 'other', what is most on the minds of Americans is crime. Not if one is a boy, wants to be a girl and gets himself on the female swim team.

In a credible study, 82% of respondents felt inflation was the most important issue for the government to address while 72% thought crime was the most important issue. Climate change did not figure into the equation at all. What a surprise.

These numbers do not bode well for the democrats as it is those states - basically on the east and west coasts - that tried to defund the police and failed miserably. They are now left with insane crime and thousands of homeless people living in tent cities in downtown cores, which you can imagine does wonders for business.

Whoever thought of the phrase defund the police, used exclusively for their own political agenda, needs to own up, take it back and say out loud that it doesn't work. Police are needed to keep law and order, which is how society functions.

This next piece belongs to Jackie Gleason's 'how sweet it is' department. Today a bus from Texas dropped off about 50 migrants outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.. Second time this week she gets to personally welcome these people.

Busloads of migrants began arriving in liberal strongholds without warning earlier this year as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had enough of Biden's 'come on down' policy at borders very distant from Washington.

In fact, thousands of migrants have since arrived in New York, Washington, Chicago and beyond, sending officials in those cities scrambling to provide a system of support services to them. Really? A taste of their own medicine happening at the Texas border.

So far, Biden is still letting in thousands of undocumented people. Obviously he is unaffected by the busloads going to Washington or Delaware. Blissfully ignorant. Goes with being an ignoramus. Blanche, ya think Kamala goes out to meet them with homemade cookies? Not.

Can we talk about the plastic bag ban in Montreal? You do know we are saving the world from climate change? Doesn't matter that we have zero recycling plants working in this city. A minor detail.

When you leave the store balancing your cucumbers, cereal box and peanut butter in your arms while searching for your car keys in the rain, you can thank Montreal's mayor Valerie Plante. She wants to save the world and like it or not, you are going to help her.

Straws? Your grandchildren will never know what a straw is. Never mind that in most big box grocery stores all the produce is on foam with plastic covering.

The only thing happening by you not having a plastic bag is that you are dropping your peanut butter jar, which then rolls under your car.

As the holiday of Sukkot ends Tuesday evening, Blanche will be late in your inbox.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk

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