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The Disdain and Arrogance of Elected Politicians

While this piece is a local issue, it represents the disdain and arrogance of how elected politicians make a mockery of democracy and their constituents – i.e. those who voted them in. How quickly they forget who elected them, eh Blanche?

Sue Montgomery is the mayor of the Montreal boroughs called Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. This is a very densely populated area – both with people,  houses and commercial establishments –  of Montreal with many issues, sadly the bulk outstanding.

Montgomery announced this week – proudly and in all forms of media – that she will be knitting during council meetings to help her concentrate. Why? Because men speak more than women at the meetings. Wait, it gets better.

“It was exhausting to try to listen for hours on end to these guys drone on.”

Can we talk? If she cannot concentrate for the few hours she is in a council meeting, then she is the one with the problem. Either take a pill or quit your job. We are guessing that she also has difficulty concentrating when people talk to her about serious issues with many details.

She is blaming men for her problem? Spoken like a tried and true Uber-liberal. Here’s a tip for Montgomery: You don’t have to worry about concentrating when hugging a tree or saving the whales. If you cannot show respect for the institution to which you were elected and the people who put you there, time to start knitting in front the television where you don’t have to concentrate on anything but the color of the wool.

Bill di Blasio, mayor of New York, announced today that he is the 23rd candidate to run for president. Before he even got out of the starting gate, he was mocked.

His kick-off video was him sitting in the back of his cushy limousine,  pontificating on his slogan – Working People First. Are these guys totally out of touch with reality? Don’t bother answering. They are.

De Blasio also has the dubious distinction of being the only candidate or potential candidate out of 23 contenders to earn a negative rating among national Democrats in a March Monmouth University survey. A total of 24 percent gave him a thumbs down while just 18 percent had a favorable view of him.

Here’s another tidbit of information: di Blasio is not his real name. Nope. His real name is Warren Wilhelm. Wonder why he changed his name? He wants to be Italian maybe? He should get out very quickly before he really embarrasses himself.

Trudeau stepped in it again. Splat. Nothing he touches is done with any thought and if it is, he’s always completely off the mark.

The House of Commons apologized to Vice-Admiral Mark Norman and his family for what they endured over the course of his breach-of-trust case, which collapsed last week. Both Trudeau and his defence minister Harjit Sajjan bolted from the house just before this was announced.

We understand why he couldn’t stay yesterday…he would have looked like the fool he is.

Here’s a tip: You should not have been there in the first place. It looked way worse leaving when you knew what was coming. He just cannot grasp anything besides his socks in the morning and a selfie in the afternoon.

For his friends, no explanation was ever necessary; for his enemies, none would ever have sufficed. So said Conrad Black who was pardoned yesterday by President Trump.

We did not follow Black’s trial. To this day, he says he was wrongly convicted. We think he is a brilliant writer, a tad on the stuffy side, very intelligent and a huge supporter of Trump. Whether or not you think Trump pardoned him because he never wavered in his support,  remains to be seen. We are happy for Mr. Black.

Don’t say Blanche doesn’t give you great travel tips. This is one of the better ones. Have you ever had someone else take your bag off the luggage carousel and, perish the thought, take it home by mistake. After all, the bags do look identical. Well, here’s one solution.

For about $33, online gift shop Firebox will create a personalized cover for your suitcase with your face on it. Yes dearies, all those passengers waiting around for the luggage will get to see your punim (face) going around and around the carousel until you get there.

All you need to do is send a high quality picture of your face (or the face you are putting on it). Of course you could always put your dog or cat or even pet turtle. There ya go.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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