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If you have any doubt about the idiocy of what Ben and Jerry’s did by not selling their ice cream to the ‘occupied territories’,  perhaps the map above will move you. Take a good look at it to see the size of Israel compared with the arab countries surrounding her. Seriously? This little piece of land is all the arabs are missing in their lives?

To destroy the only democracy in the Middle East? To destroy the rescue team that went to Surfside and were responsible for telling rescuers there where they would find most of the buried bodies? To destroy a country that betters the world in medicine and many other technologies? What do the arab countries contribute to the betterment of the world?

There has always been more than enough arab countries to take in their relatives who feel that Israel doesn’t treat them well or those who live in that little strip of land called Gaza. And yet, not one arab country will accept these people.

So if anyone goes after anyone in this story, it should be ben and jerry’s asking the 20 arab countries surrounding Israel why they won’t take their brothers and sisters in and allow them to live normal lives.

Bleeding heart liberals do not know their history. All they are capable of doing in their complete ignorance, is deem who they think is the underdog. Well, if you look a the map above, who exactly is the underdog in this story? It’s about time unilever and ben and jerry got called out on their self-serving-feel-good emotions and learn the real story here.

The chickens have come home to roost. Cluck. Cluck. Cluck. We are referring to the suspension, without pay for the remainder of her term of Ms. Sue Montgomery, erstwhile mayor of the CDN-NDG borough of Montreal.

The big winners of this are the residents of those boroughs. Perhaps interim mayor Lionel Perez will actually govern and get things done. There is no way that Ms. Montgomery could be the mayor of those two large boroughs while spending all her time fighting with everyone within six feet of her. Never mind that she never left her ivory tower to see how the little peeps live.

She’s running for mayor yet again. One wonders exactly who is going to vote for this woman. Seriously? Given our experience with her, she is in need of, shall we say, anger management counseling, along with a course on how to deal with people.

When speaking with her, one felt that she was dripping with do-you-know-who-I-am? Coupled with never going to see the issues her constituents were grappling with during her tenure makes her 100% unsuitable to be the mayor of anything. Vote for Lionel Perez.

The squeaky clean Montreal Canadiens have found themselves in a mess. A big one. They drafted a young player by the name of Logan Mailloux — despite the player asking not to be drafted. Why? Because he was charged in Sweden for sharing non-consensual intimate images of a young woman. That is disgusting, done by someone who thinks very highly of themselves and little of anyone else.

What we find interesting is that this is playing right into the hands of the woke culture. Had Mailloux been black, no doubt defenders would be saying that, aw shucks, he made a mistake, owned up to it and let’s call it a day. But because he’s a white guy – watch out. Being white these days has become a curse, so Mailloux is getting a double whammy.

And if you really want to get your tighty whiteys in an uproar, get what Trudeau had to say: “As a lifelong Habs fan I have to say I am deeply disappointed by the decision. I think it was a lack of judgment by the Canadiens organization. I think they have a lot of explaining to do.” Oh really –  spoken by the man who threw his own female attorney general under the bus.

Mailloux needs help to really understand that posting pictures of women, without their consent doing things that are nobody’s business is not only wrong, it shows a complete lack of any maturity whatsoever. It’s part of the boys, guffawing, gloating club. Plus, the pictures of that young girl will be out there forever for people to see while he will eventually walk away from this. We wonder if he truly understands what he did.

We think the Canadiens could have waited a year to draft this kid. He has way too much baggage.Bad judgement call on the managers.

We don’t watch the olympics for a number of reasons. Whatever is exciting, we get to see or hear after the fact. Given that, we have to wonder why the CBC interviewed a young Canadian woman who had just won a medal when she couldn’t speak.

She was clearly out of breath after her swim match and every second word was punctuated by a huff. So the conversation went something like this: How happy are you with your win? Response: Heavy huff – I’m – huff- so-huff-so-huff-happy huff huff. So-huff-so-huff-so-huff huff- happy.

If that sounds ridiculous it’s because it is. Reminds us of the CNN reporters hanging onto to a lamp post while 100 mph winds try to blow him off.

Sorry to say we simply cannot understand people who think that the January 6 attack on the Capitol building was a love-in. Are you serious? Did no one watch those maniacs break into the building? The republicans can’t be both: they can’t say they support the police while not calling out anyone who had anything to do with this fiasco. You heard this here first: this is going to be Trump’s downfall. Pretending something didn’t happen when there is live footage of it, including people trying to beat a policeman to death, is in the realm of serious mental health issues.

And the fact that republicans are still kissing the ring of Trump, afraid to cross him, is going to be the downfall of the republican party. Not that the democrats are any better.

The President is now exhibiting more and more senile issues. The Vice President turned out to be exactly what she is – a nasty piece of work. Kamala Harris was supposed to be taking over from Biden if and when he totally loses it. Now that people see they got exactly what she is and not what the media wanted to them to believe, there’s nobody home down south.

Doesn’t bode well for the border to open any time soon, eh Blanche?

Jackie Mason died. He was one of the funniest dudes out there. Deadpan and simply hysterical. Baruch dayan emes.

We’ll talk…

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