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The Gum-Chewing President

Don’t you love how Hillary is playing cat and mouse with the public while laughing all the way to the bank? She is launching her book, probably a big yawn, but who cares. Write it and they will pay. Her publisher Simon and Shuster has already doled out between $8 and $14 million in advance of her book launch. She charges $250,000 per speech, her beloved up to $750,000. We’d love to figure out how much that comes to per word. Money they don’t need.

The big unanswered question is will she run for president of the United States. As long as she doesn’t answer  her people keep collecting campaign money ‘in case’ and she keeps her opponents guessing and slightly off balance. If nothing else, she is one very smart woman.

We do have one piece of advice for her: get a new wardrobe person. The shocking blue pant suit she wore last night when interviewed by Diane Sawyer was simply frightening dawling. Fech…

Yet again Quebeckers are the brunt of  world wide jokes this time due to the helicopter escape from a prison yard of three rather nasty men awaiting their trial. If it would have been the first time people would be kind of in awe how this happened. Blanche, it’s the second time in about a year. Don’t you think that after the first time the justice minister (then PQ) would have insisted that either some chicken wire or something of the sort be built over the prison yard? It’s not expensive and gets the job done.

Unfortunately for us, the PQ were too busy with their charter and other stupidity to take care of the real business of this province. We have no doubt that many other little ditties will be happening as a result of the complete breakdown of any semblance of governing while princess pauline was in power.

Oh yes, up until a week before those dudes escaped they had to be shackled when they left the building. Tout a coup someone said the shackles could come off. Whadda ya think ? Someone on the inside had something to do with this? And where are these lovely people? By now most probably in either Venezuela or some other South American country.

And while we are on the subject of the princess, did you see her at her farewell party over the weekend? Harumph, she intimated, let them eat cake. We are right and the majority of the province who literally threw them out of power are all wrong. Her own people lied to her, not showing her the last poll taken where it was obvious they were going to lose the election. How shocked she was and still is. Guess that’s why she always looks like a deer in the headlights. Duhhhhhh. They all deserve each other.

Ever hear of overkill? Putting spikes on a windowsill or on the ground so homeless people can’t lie down is overkill. How about going to a homeless shelter and trying to make some kind of deal with the place? Like maybe add more beds? Thank goodness we have a mayor who acts and doesn’t just talk. He was incensed saying, “The spikes were an affront to human dignity.” He’s a good guy our mayor. Guns, guns, guns. It’s enough already. Every week we hear of another mass shooting. There are two main issues to be dealt with. The first is mental illness and the second the readily available guns that shoot 100 rounds a minute.

The killing in Moncton last week was beyond tragic. The young man who perpetrated this horrific act had caring parents who knew he was ill. The father, who has friends in the RCMP, spoke to one of them. He said he was worried about his son. You know what the answer was? Nothing we can do until your son commits a crime or does something drastic.

Well, that young man did something very drastic and now three families have no father, no brother, parents lost their sons. If a parent feels that something is so wrong that they fear their child, who has a mental illness, is going to do a terrible thing, don’t you think there should be something in place to try to avert it?

No one is going to get anywhere with the NRA (National Rifle Association). They have an impenetrable lobby group and are very well connected most likely to the highest office. So the guns will be there. Perhaps it’s time for the medical profession to step forward, along with others who know they have a friend who is terribly ill. The key here is to have someone not only listen and nod their head, but actually do something. We wonder what it will take till that happens.

Did anyone see Obama chewing gum at the 70th anniversary of D-Day? At Mandela’s memorial he was taking selfies. Here he’s chewing gum. Guess what? Ya can’t buy class, even if you’re the president of the United States. Ich. What a moron.

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