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While Justin didn't break the letter of the law on his last vacation - to the tune of $9300 a night for the villa he and his family stayed in, he is just completely out of touch with reality.

Before leaving on his cushy vacation in December, he commiserated with the little peeps: I understand your pain. Seriously? Does he really believe that anyone takes him seriously?

His office (PMO) initially told media that Justin was covering the cost of the trip. The PMO was later forced to “clarify” that the hospitality was paid for. So which is it? And did his staff even know that he was given a very, very special and very expensive gift from one of his father's friends?

Justin is out of touch with reality and that's fine as long as you're not the prime minister of Canada. Out of touch with reality extends to not watching the IDF video of the slaughter of men, women, children and babies on October 7.

He doesn't want to be 'influenced' one way or the other? Spare us. He doesn't want to be touched by reality because that would mean actually making some real decisions. Not ones based on fluff and airhead ideas.

And that's the problem with Anthony Housefather staying in that party. How can he back a leader that is now talking about bringing 'family' of gazans into Canada?

Anthony, it doesn't matter how much you disagree with Justin or even vote against your own party. If you don't have the kahoonas to get out, then you are part of the problem. And right now Anthony, you are very much part of the Justin problem.

Well, the cats outta the bag. Secretary of Defense for the USA Lloyd Austin was hospitalized for a uti - the result of being treated for prostate cancer.

He underwent 'minimal' invasive surgery. Buddy surgery is surgery at his age. Drop the minimal bs. His infection following the surgery is a clue we are right.

The issue was a) no one knew about the surgery and b) no one knew that on Dec 31 he had to be brought back to the hospital by ambulance. His assistant had the flu, so she was out of the loop. Biden knew nothing.

The big question is this: Who was running the show - i.e. who was the secretary of defense while Austin was incapacitated? What if there would have been an national emergency?

And in case you were wondering, he's still in the hospital.

No one seems to be taking responsibility for this major gaffe in communications, nor who was running the show when Austin was in the ICU.

And while we're on the subject of Biden, even his most ardent supporters have to admit he's looking like a very confused older man.

Having his wife lead him off the stage after he spoke - appearing like she was saying this way dear was a nasty visual. If that was done unintentionally, then someone's head should roll.

If not, gehakte tzouris (big trouble) for the democrats.

Can anyone explain why police in Toronto gave anti-semite protesters coffee? When they were blocking traffic, causing havoc and most likely protesting illegally.

FYI - only in Canada do the authorities give illegal idiots protesting for something they know nothing about accolades and support.

Just remember when it stinks, it stinks from the head down. We are referring to Justin who is allowing 'gazan families' into Canada if they have family here. gazan families have hamas members. Don't delude yourself.

If Justin lets them in, he is, by default, letting hamas into Canada. And make no mistake. If muslims are living in gaza, they were involved in hamas. And if you don't believe us, believe this:

On October 7 thousands and thousands of gazans were cheering and giving out candy to their children lauding their sons for murdering and slaughtering Jewish men, women, children and babies. This is what Justin is bringing into Canada. He's an even bigger fool than we ever thought.

And that goes for Anthony Housefather who is still supporting his leader. In the end, Anthony will be painted with the same brush as Justin for not finding the inner strength to leave the liberal party. Grossly, shamefully incompetent.

Quebec education minister Bernie Drainville - aka braino-drain0 - is at it again. Opening his mouth to change feet.

The mayors of Hampstead and Town of Mount Royal (where is Brownstein from Cote St. Luc?) , are again calling for increased security measures for Jewish day schools and other visible institutions. That means being able to hire off-duty police who carry guns.

“I understand very, very well the feeling of insecurity that the community is currently experiencing,” Drainville said. The answer however, was no.

Really? He understands what it means to wonder if some nutball living in the east end of Montreal is going to get up one day and decide - punkt - this is the day I'm meeting those 70 virgins.

Does he have to worry when going to work in the national assembly that someone hates him for just being him and is ready to do him in? The answer, in case you were wondering is no.

Here are some numbers to chew on: Between Oct. 7 and Dec. 19, the department says there were 164 alleged hate crimes or incidents in the city: 126 directed against the Jewish community and 38 against the Muslim-Arab community.

Wake up Bernie.

We'll talk...

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