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The Kohen in the Minyan in Prison?

Chrysta Freeland is back in the news. While her tweet may have been altruistic, there are consequences in the form of money.

She tweeted the following: “Canada is gravely concerned about additional arrests of civil society and women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia, including Samar Badawi. We urge the Saudi authorities to immediately release them and all other peaceful human rights activists.”

While she is correct that women’s rights activists should not be arrested, may we be so bold as to say this happens in many other third-world countries. Why she picked this particular moment to speak up is anyone’s guess. What we can say is that universities will be mighty ticked off if a large percentage of their foreign students get the boot.

Said universities charge about $40,000 per year per student. That’s not chump change. Blanche, we are not surprised at Freeland’s remarks. After all, she works for the mother-of-all-women’s right activists – Justin Trudeau.

There was an article in today’s paper that Anglos should get over the 1995 referendum and vote for the CAQ in the next Quebec provincial election. What’s to fear? After all, the Liberal party is no better when it comes to helping anything English in this province.

Here’s a headline: While the author may be correct, Anglos still left in Montreal after said referendum have never really forgotten what happened in the days leading up to the vote. Nor will they ever forget the night of the referendum, holding their breath as the votes come in.

Francois Legault was a card-carrying member of a separatist party for many years, only leaving said party in 2009. That’s a mere nine years ago. Up until then, from 1998, he was part of the Parti Quebecois whose main objective is to make Quebec a country for their children. Legault claims he doesn’t want that anymore. Forget referendum. What do you think the answer would be if he was asked does he want the country of Quebec for his children? No? Perhaps, but it would take him a minute to get there. And it’s in that pause that people lose trust.

The democrat running for Vermont governor is a transgender woman. If she wins she will be the role model for every transgender kid from the age of 5 and up. Hurray. Nothing more to say about this except that maybe zaidy Bernie has some words of wisdom for he/she.

Get this Blanche: The Liberal government recently appointed former Conservative prime minister Brian Mulroney as an envoy to the Trump administration, primarily to promote Canada’s interests in the renegotiation of NAFTA.

Mulroney has not disguised his dislike of supply management and has mused that perhaps it’s time to end the system. As well, some in the governing Liberal party, such as former deputy prime minister John Manley and Martha Hall Findlay, have advocated for the dismantling of supply management.

So maybe there is hope for us Canadians who pay about 300% more than we should for cheese, milk and eggs, not to say that kosher cheese has virtually disappeared from the market save one lousy brand called nature’s best. Maybe there is hope on the horizon.

President Donald Trump’s erstwhile personal fixer/lawyer Michael Cohen is up to his eyeballs in trouble. Federal authorities are assessing whether Mr. Cohen’s income from his taxi-medallion business was underreported in federal tax returns. That income included hundreds of thousands of dollars received in cash and other payments over the last five years.

Convictions for federal tax- and bank-fraud may carry potentially significant prison sentences, which could put additional pressure on Mr. Cohen to cooperate with prosecutors if he is charged with those crimes. It appears that if Mr. Cohen doesn’t want to be the kohen the minyan in prison, he may have to start singing to the authorities pretty quickly.

We’ll talk…

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