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The Media Microscope

We watched the handshake between Trump and Macron before he met with NATO allies. It was a bit too long and yes, very strong, but certainly not what the media is making it out to be – something way out of the ordinary. And that’s why Trump distrusts the media so much.

They take everything, and we mean everything, and put it under the mother-of-all microscopes. It’s enough already.

Blanche’s take on the leaks that are coming out of the US intelligence agencies are happening for one of two following reasons: a) The CIA and FBI are getting back at Trump for maligning them and they want to embarrass him publicly or b) perish the thought, they have a mole who is brazenly feeding the other side. Either scenario is not good and somehow, those in charge have to get a handle on who’s doing this.

The graphic pictures depicted in the NY Times yesterday of bloodied nails, backpack and other things the terrorist used are useful only to two kinds of people: those who track the bad guys and the bad guys. Anybody else has zero use for that information.

Trump has to stop the leaks coming out of his own office as well. Basically he has to put a mole into his own office and trust that person with his life. Eventually the leaker will be found but Trump better be prepared that when that happens, it could be someone very close to him.

Construction workers in Quebec are on strike and it’s costing you about $45 million per day of said strike. So you have to be thinking, why are they striking? They certainly have enough work to do. Ah, Blanche, that’s the problem. Seems they have too much work and are working too many overtime hours and of course, the main theme of any strike – more money.

Ya can’t win, eh? Either there’s no work and everyone complains or there’s too much work and everyone complains.

Speaking of the strike, our Mayor is highly concerned about the e-race taking place July 29 and 30 in conjunction with the 375th birthday party (yawn). He is very confident that the strike will end quickly so the workers can get back to making sure his beloved race will take place. Seriously?

We do have to report on a video we saw which no doubt will be going viral. In an attempt to get closer to the front of the group, Trump pushed, literally, the Montenegro Prime Minister. Not pretty. It wasn’t a very nice moment for Trump. In fact, he gave the media yet more fodder because he kind of looks like a bully. Vey.

Blanche, did you hear that some rock star singers are saying that we need to embrace terrorists with love and then they will stop attacking the infidels. Can we talk? No they won’t and people who say this are living in lala land.

We were just in California where Liberalism is the norm. Imagine you can’t say the word muslim without someone getting insulted that one has degraded muslims. We have to love everyone. Here’s a headline: No we don’t have to love everyone. We have to be vigilant and rat on people that we think are becoming radicalized.

Of course that’s what people in Manchester did but it appears the terrorist in this case slipped through the net. Here’s another headline: soft targets are impossible to protect.

What’s a soft target? Exactly where he blew himself up – at exit where many people congregate. At departure and arrival areas in airports. What’s the point of standing for half an hour in a security line inside the airport when all these people have to do is stand on the sidewalk outside the airport and wait for the busiest arrival time at the airport. No security there Blanche.

We will say it again. Israel does it right. When the world will wake up and ask the masters of anti-terrorism for help, we will all be safer.

Mercifully, Senator Joe Lieberman has withdrawn himself from the running in the search for a new FBI director. While he’s one of the most honest politicians around, he’s 75 years old and this job runs for 10 years. Let’s just say that he would rather spend more time with his family as he ages gracefully, rather than be on the hot-seat as FBI director.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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