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Believe it or not, Mayor Sue Montgomery, the illustrious mayor of NDG-CDN is at it again.

Clearly, she does not leave her office for very much, save bicycling to and from work. Had she done so, she would have seen the traffic chaos caused by someone under her management who painted the most insane yellow lines on a major north south thoroughfare in her jurisdiction.

‘Someone’ created a yellow median in the middle of a very busy street, which means left and right turns must be made from the one and only lane left, causing major traffic jams.

One has to wonder if she dreams up these seriously ridiculous ideas by herself or are those who she surrounded herself with completely out of touch with reality aka the little peeps. If she actually left her ivory tower for five minutes, she might see the chaos she is causing. Dream on baby.

Blanche, did you ever hear of a gender reveal party? We will enlighten you. It’s when a couple is expecting a baby, find out the gender, throw a party with pink and blue balloons and choose the color balloon to inform the world if they are having a boy or girl. What? Wait for the birth of said child? What a silly idea. One couple in California had such a party except instead of balloons,  they used some kind of pyrotechnic device to reveal their as yet unborn child’s gender, causing one of the most massive forest fires in California, having burned 10,000 acres and still going strong.

Can we talk here? Is nothing sacred any longer? Do people have to share with the world every detail of their life? Can there be no real surprises ever again?

The as yet unborn child of this particular set of parents will forever be known as the fire baby. Poor kid and it’s not even born yet. And no, we won’t tell you the gender.

Quebec’s new regional COVID-19 alert system was unveiled today. It goes like stop lights: Green for good, yellow for be careful, orange for the light is changing and red for don’t cross now or you’ll get hit by a bus. Quebec’s numbers are rising again mostly due to karaoke bars. Don’t you wonder what is taking the government so long to put these bars in the red zone and shut them down? Boggles the mind. Wait. It’s Quebec. Doesn’t boggle the mind because the pea-brained bureaucrats who must activate this system could very well be color blind.

If you had any doubts that the media is responsible for much of the unrest that is happening in the United States these days, here’s proof for you.

Before we actually tell you what’s now happening, we will put this forward  to mull over: Imagine if none of the ‘protests’ in the United States were covered by any news media? How long do you think it would take for them to stop if they get no attention? Two days? Three tops?

Ok. Now read this: Left-leaning activism organization, along with some of the nation’s largest teachers’ unions, are warning Democrats of “mass unrest” and possible “right-wing violence” if Trump loses the election to Joe Biden in November, even going so far as to issue a memo to Democrat groups with suggestions on how to counter or protect themselves from violence.

If that is not stoking the fire and poking the bear at the same time, we don’t know what is. Does want this to happen? Are they daring Trump supporters? If we were voting there, we would make very certain to get out and vote for Trump just to show what fools they are.

Minneapolis City Council members are now begrudgingly admitting that momentum has “slowed” on plans to defund the city’s police department and replace it with a “community-oriented” law enforcement solution, and it’s not likely the effort — backed largely by far-left progressive council members — will result in any movement on the issue.

Now read this:

Kamala Harris is the latest high-profile Democrat to meet with and pay homage to Jacob Blake and his family. (He was shot in the back seven times by police.)  After speaking with them for an hour, Harris gushed to reporters that Blake Sr., known for ranting about “Jews” on social media, and Blake Jr., accused of drunkenly abusing a woman over the course of several years before finally breaking into her house and raping her, are “incredible.”

What the police did not was not right. But making these people into heroes borders on insanity.

Time to start a tag day for Harry and Meghan. Prince Charles, Harry’s dad, is no longer supporting him. Uh oh. What does that mean?

Not much. The dynamic duo has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix as well as signing with the New York-based Harry Walker Agency for speaking engagements. The agency represents Oprah Winfrey and Jane Goodall — who are friends with the couple — in addition to Michelle and Barack Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Now that gruesome twosome (Bill and Hillary) get between $250,000 and $500,000 per speaking engagement. No doubt Harry and Meghan will be just fine without daddy’s money. At least for now. You can be sure if they run into trouble, the richest family in England will not let them down.

Could someone please put a sock in Kanye West’s mouth? Permanently. Who in their right mind wants to hear one word of what he is saying.

Pollsters learned from the last US election not to sound too certain of themselves. CNN, the anti-Trump station, had a guy on one of their shows who told people to calm down about Biden’s lead in the polls. Trump understands exactly how to win the election. It’s not a popularity contest, rather it is purely a numbers game.

To become president, someone needs 270 electors from the electoral college to win. As Trump did the last time, he lost the popular vote but won the electoral college voting system.

After getting bitten on both cheeks (take your pick as to where they are located) during the last election, the genius pollsters are treading very carefully this time, making no wild predictions.

We’ll talk…

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