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In the good-morning-america which actually happened in Canada department, people are slowly waking up from their liberal-induced coma.

Last Saturday, cities and towns all across British Columbia, a bastion of liberalism held elections for new mayors. Guess who got tossed? Most of the liberal-save-the-whales-let-criminals-out-without-bail peeps. In other words, conservatives who believe in the police department, won't take a knee and actually want their downtown cores back from the tent people.

People are done with assaults, robberies, home invasions, 'stranger attacks' where people were getting beaten up at random and beating up or worse police. They want law and order and the only way to get that is to get rid of all the woke-liberal dreamland crowd.

Vancouver elected its first Chinese-Canadian mayor, You know why Blanche? Because he ran on a normal platform. He actually said there is a public-safety crisis that he wants to get rid of and the first thing to do is hire more police. Three cheers for the people in BC.

At 45 years old Tom Brady is the the oldest player in the NFL. He recently moved to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is, shall we say, not at the top of his game. On top of that it appears he's divorcing his wife after 13 years of marriage. Makes for one miserable dude, eh Blanche?

Can we talk? He should have retired when he won the last super-bowl. Now he's going to end his career like someone who didn't know when enough was enough. Kind of like men who do that extra-special comb-over when they should just cut their balding hair and move on.

While he can do plenty of things after football, he definitely won't get the rush of 60,000 fans cheering and screaming for him. He should have quit while he was ahead.

We know of someone who stayed in the Hilton Garden hotel in Montreal near where we live. She paid a hefty $300 for her room with zero service. At least 55% of the hotel is being taken up by Ukrainians who are waiting for their documents so they can move on with their lives.

While it is well and good that we are helping them, the hotels that are getting paid by your tax dollars are gouging everybody else who wants to stay there. They now have many less rooms to be had and therefore feel they have the privilege of charging you exorbitant rates and give you nothing in return but a key and a bed. Sounds like a rooming house to us.

One would also think that Quebec would want to keep some of these people, many of whom have good skills. Wait. That would require thinking out of the box and the czar leading quebec is incapable of doing. Speak french or get out at any cost.

Ergo, these people are being shipped all across Canada to help out every other province with the same lack of employees we have here. But we digress as the stupidity of this government knows no bounds.

Back to the hotel. For $300 nobody cleans your room, nobody gives you towels, tissues, toilet paper or any amenity one would expect for $300 a night. The hotel and its rooms are beginning to look like overnight camp after color war. It gets better. The Red Cross has set up a center in the hotel to facilitate the migration of these people to their next destination.

Oh and one more thing. If anyone tries to tell you that the Red Cross is paying for these hotels, don't believe them. Your tax dollars are paying the Red Cross.

If you want to go live in California we wish you the best of luck. It may be the state of sun and fun, but the trade-off is not worth it.

Their liberal Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom is set to finally end his COVID emergency declaration in the state, but won’t do so until next year — after the order will have been in place for almost three years.

You will recall that he was the one who was caught eating in a fancy restaurant when all other plebs living there were basically under house-arrest during covid.

What exactly is the emergency these days? We'll tell you. His emergency to hold on to as much power as he possibly can. Californians seem to be as sleepy as Canadians if they stand for Newsom's edicts.

Here's a what else is new story. Hospital emergency departments in Montreal are dangerously overcrowded. The heart of the issue is always the same. It was not addressed at all during the election campaign in quebec and czar legault would like nothing better than to bury it forever under a rug somewhere. It will never go away.

There are not enough family doctors in quebec and because of that, people are using emergency departments to be treated for everything from an ear infection to cancer and everything in between.

What exactly are people supposed to do? You can't call anywhere. Walk-in clinics are hard to find and when you do you need an appointment if you can get one.

Try calling a specialist. The response will be an answering machine advising they will call you back within 5-10 business days. So you have an ear infection, you are in pain, you have no doctor so what are you going to do? Simple. Go to an emergency department.

So now they are at over 200% capacity with not enough doctors, nurses, orderlies or technicians.

Literally czar legault is fiddling while rome burns. In the end his legacy will not be saving the french language in quebec. It will be how many quebecers died because of his lack of caring. He doesn't give a rats if you live or die as long as you and your doctor speak french.

We'll talk...

PS: As the holidays are now over, Blanche will resume publication at its regular times - Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 pm (ish). Thanks for your cooperation and patience.

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