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The Plot Thickens in L’Affaire Freeland

Here’s what we read in this morning’s paper: Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland knew for more than two decades that her maternal Ukrainian grandfather was the chief editor of a Nazi newspaper in occupied Poland that vilified Jews during the Second World War. Of course she’s denying this to the moon and back. Never mind what she says. Here’s what we found out, which took quite a bit of digging on Blanche’s part:

Freeland is claiming this is a Russian plot to discredit the Canadian government. Here are some of the facts:

Her father was the editor of Krakivski Visti, first in Crakow (Cracow), Poland and then in Vienna. So what was the Krakivski Visti? It, like a number of publications, had been seized by the Nazis from their Jewish owners and then operated as propaganda outlets.

Now the story gets interesting gleaned from the Ottawa Citizen: Here is what the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum has to say about Krakivski Visti and a similar newspaper, Lvivski Visti, both publications associated with the Nazi regime.

“The editorial boards carried out a policy of soliciting Ukrainian support for the German cause,” the Holocaust Museum noted. “It was typical, within these publications, to not to give any accounts of the German genocidal policy, and largely, the editions resorted to silencing the mass killing of Jews in Galicia. Ukrainian newspapers presented the Jewish Question in light of the official Nazi propaganda, corollary to the Jewish world conspiracy.”

“In 1943 and 1944, both Lvivski Visti and Krakivski Visti hailed the German-approved formation of the 14th Waffen SS Division Halychyna, composed of Ukrainian volunteers,” the museum pointed out.

On Wednesday the Globe and Mail reported that Freeland knew for more than two decades that her maternal Ukrainian grandfather was the chief editor of a Nazi newspaper. We’re not saying she is a nazi sympathizer. We are saying that she should have fessed up 20 years ago before going into politics. We can’t believe she was so naive as to think no one would find out about this. Hiding one thing makes people think you are hiding other things. Dumb move.

What’s wrong with international women’s day? We can’t exactly put our finger on it, but it’s becoming increasingly obnoxious.

Let’s start with women telling other women not to shop in stores owned by white men. Seriously? Only white men are the problem? Or how about take the day off work. On which planet do the women who pronounce these edicts live? Can a teacher just leave her class and take a day off? Can a dentist drop her patients and tell them to suck it up? Or how about a lawyer who has a trial date on that day. Should she tell the judge to take a hike, I’m marching in support of women?

We are guessing that when these marches started, in the late 1800’s, they did much to improve or at least make people aware of the plight of women. It appears that international women’s day has been hijacked by the same women who are still seething because Trump got elected and their hero – Hillary Clinton – lost. And one more thing. When we saw Hillary wearing a red pant suit cause the color of the day is red, we needed a YUGE barf bag. She’s so effing fake, ich.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday accused the CIA of “devastating incompetence” for failing to protect its hacking secrets. He’s right. They are mind-bogglingly incompetent. The FBI can throw the biggest temper tantrum but Assange is right.

How is it possible that either one of their own or someone from the outside was able to copy thousands and thousands of documents without any alarm bells going off? This didn’t happen in ten minutes. It had to have taken quite a while.

The CIA is losing their minds trying to find out who did this. Here’s a tip for them: He’s long gone. If the CIA is supposed to be protecting the United States from the ‘bad guys’, the United States is in some serious trouble.

One more thing about International women’s day. That picture of Sophie gazing lovingly into Justin’s eyes while holding his hand was nauseating. What does that have to do with a woman’s day? That he supports her? And what about women who make it on their own with no man supporting them? She lives in a big entitled bubble along with him and he’s our prime minister. Pity on us all.

An axe-wielding man hacked away people at a train station in Dusseldorf. Of course they don’t say the nationality yet. Blanche, take a chill pill and control yourself. It may not be one of the hundreds of thousands of undocumented ‘Syrians’ let in.

Quebec politics are always interesting and today they got a bit more interesting with the announcement by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois that he’s running for a seat under the Quebec Solitaire party.

You may remember his name as he was one of the leaders of the ‘red square protests against the then-Charest government’s plans to raise tuition fees at universities. Charest’s government was basically brought down by those protests.

So Blanche ya think Dubois is going to split the separatist vote? One thing we can say with certainty: he’s young (26), has great hair, is slim and well-dressed. That alone can get him elected. However, he has yet to answer ‘the’ question: when will you hold a referendum if elected. That is the litmus test.

There was a nomination meeting last night in a suburb of Montreal to see who will represent the Liberal party in a by-election in April. The Liberal party made it well-known that they favoured the frontrunner Yolande James. Guess what? An total unknown won. She’s 26 years old, never been in politics. Emmanuella Lambropoulos is a teacher, certainly not a well-seasoned politician.

Looks like people all over the world are sick and tired of politicians.

Good Shabbos we’ll talk…

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