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Unless universities, mayors, premiers, governors, prime ministers, presidents, take a stand against anti-Semitism in all its various guises, these so called leaders are part of and adding fuel to open, in-your-face world-wide anti-Semitism.

These 'leaders' are insidiously, quietly giving their stamp of approval for their students and citizens to be open anti-Semites.

They are turning a blind eye to the massacre of October 7 because they quietly believe Israel deserved it.

What has to be done? First and foremost, stop the so-called rallies. These are not rallies. These are crowds brought together via social media to glorify anti-Semitism.

The majority of people taking part in those rallies have not a clue what they are saying. They don't know their history. They are totally sucked in by social media and all its lies.

Demolish the Rhetoric: one liners are fantastic in getting crowds going. Jew-haters, anti-Semites, hamas, the palestinian authority all know this and are using this tool with great success.

Where are the police?? Especially in Montreal. We heard the chief of police is on vacation. Valerie Plante's administration is imploding. More on that below. Is there anyone home in Montreal that can deal with the what's happening?

FYI - Justin trudeau called out the dogs during the truck convoy standoff in Ottawa. And all they did was sit in their trucks or stand around and drink coffee. Plus they had a real issue - they were being led by a dictator during covid. Now where is he? Cowering.

Barack Hussein Obama is one of the most disgusting anti-Semites of our generation.

His five words say it all: He cautioned against ignoring the complexities of the Israel-Hamas war, warning that “all of us are complicit.” All of us are complicit. Got that?

So it's ok to burn babies because Israelis are complicit in how the people live in gaza when not one arab country will take them?

Obama is the worst kind of anti-Semite. He speaks insidiously clearly, calmly, convincingly and saying without uttering the words - Israel deserved it. Hamas’ actions were “horrific,” but... But???

But does not exist when it comes to the barbaric massacre that took place on October 7.

And anyone who thinks or worse says that should be silenced and not given a pulpit to speak anywhere.

Now - you want a leader? Here's what Pierre Poilievre said:

"We should immediately ban all terrorist organizations in Canada. I believe that some of this terrorism has been incited by the IRGC ... Trudeau continues to allow them to live in peace and comfort while they incite and instigate terrorism on our soil."

In case you don't know what IRGC is - Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Justin has said he wants 500,000 palestinians to come to Canada. You can be 110% certain that among those 500,000 are hamas terrorists who snuck out of gaza. He is a fool.

Madame Mayor Valerie Plante and her massive entourage have been flying all over the world. Why? Ostensibly to see how other cities manage their housing, bike paths, how they feed their trees and turtles.

During these many 'fact finding' missions, these self-serving politicians had a whale of a time on your dime - eating, drinking, staying in nice hotels, sightseeing - you name it they did it.

Her chief of staff, Dominique Ollivier went on multiple trips. One of them was to Paris - how convenient. She was caught with a $347 bill for an oyster dinner. She also took several costly overseas trips and you paid. Yesterday she indignantly quit.

Why do we say indignantly? Because her tone of voice was - do you know who I am? Yes dear, we do and you spent money that didn't belong to you. Ergo - you're fired. Next.

Now it turns out Madame Plante herself has used your money for her 'fact-finding' vacations. We hope you are not surprised.

She was caught red-handed with a bill of $538 f0r eight bottles of wine that she put on the city of Montreal tab. Now she says she's going to pay it back. Really?

She's paying it back because she got caught. We sincerely hope that journalists who uncovered this keep digging. There is no doubt whatsoever that her 'love' of trying to save the world is one massive crock. Flying all over the world gives her one of the biggest carbon footprints around.

She cares about climate change like you care about learning how to step on a cockroach.

At least 102 Harvard University faculty members signed on to a letter defending the pro-Palestinian slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” — despite the fact that it is widely recognized as promoting the destruction of the state of Israel and the genocide of the Jewish people living there.

The letter was written as a response to Harvard University President Claudine Gay’s November 9 memo titled “Combating Anti-Semitism” and suggested that the school was siding with Israel out of fear that they might lose donors.

If your blood isn't boiling yet read this part:

Instead of recognizing the roots of that false slogan, which calls for the replacement the state of Israel with a “free Palestine” stretching from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, they simply wrote the slogan off as “complicated” — and used the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry-approved casualty numbers to suggest that Israel was guilty of genocide.

Complicated? There is nothing complicated about this. It is time that Harvard physically imploded. It has already done so within their walls. Now the entire place should be razed to the ground.

Blanche, did you know that Montreal has an office of the Commissioner for the Fight against Racism and Systemic Discrimination? Do you know who runs that office? We'll tell you. Bochra Manaï. Pretty lady. Nice hair. More useless than a pointed shoe to get rid of a cockroach.

Have you heard a peep out of her since October 7?

Have you heard her say anything about someone shooting at Jewish schools?

Have you heard anything from her about Jewish businesses being listed and targeted?

No to all of the above.

Our guess is that she's on a 'fact-finding' mission using your tax dollars in London or Paris and is way, way to busy to comment on all this trivial racism.

She belongs to Valerie Plante's administration. Need we say more?

And finally, almost 300,000 people turned out for the march in Washington.

Nobody was assaulted.

There was no racism or bigotry.

Nobody was hiding behind a face mask.

It was bi-partisan.

Jews know how to do things.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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