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Can anyone figure out why those guarding Buckingham Palace and anywhere the Queen is residing, cannot guard her properly? The woman is 95-years-old and does not have to be frightened by someone with ‘mental health issues’ scaling the walls or fences around the palace.

This genius was 500 meters or 546 yards from her private apartment. There are no cameras? Or if they are, is no one watching them? How about dogs? How about sensors on the fences and walls? Seriously?

This dude was allegedly (that means for sure) armed with a crossbow after scaling a spiked fence with a rope ladder. What the heck? Can someone please call the Israeli Mossad to get these tight-you-know-what Brits into the real world of security?

Here’s a big headline. Post it on your forehead and look at it in the mirror every ten minutes. The omicron variant is blowing up beyond all proportions. NY had over 50,000 cases on Monday and that was only a) people who managed to get tested and b) people who actually got their results. It’s also here in Montreal. After the vacation and after everyone has flown home from wherever they are, there will be thousands and thousands more cases. Get a grip. Here’s the deal: Assume every person you meet is carrying the virus. Everyone. We hope you are vaccinated, keep your mask on for the time being and go about your life. Clearly don’t look for trouble. Perhaps now is not the best time to go to a packed restaurant, even if it is supposedly only 50% capacity. Or any place that doesn’t have enough space for the amount of people inside.

This too shall pass. Take a chill pill, be aware of your surroundings and live your life.

If you think we are kidding about assuming that most people are carrying the newest covid variant, here’s something that will make you wonder who is running the show in the US.

On December 20, the CDC reported that the vast majority (73%) of COVID-19 cases in the United States were Omicron cases. Ah, but the CDC has now walked back this number to 22.5%, not 73%. Got that?

We write this to prove a point. Each person has to be responsible for themselves and use their head. If you know that New York has tens of thousands of cases of either omicron, or the flu or the delta variant, guess what? Don’t vacation in New York until the coast is clear. Find another place to go.

It is becoming increasingly evident that if you rely on the government to feed you data, you will slowly go out of your mind. So keep your marbles intact and use your head.

In the this-cannot-be-true department, Québec’s health minister, Dube, is now asking healthcare workers to keep coming to work even if they are infected with covid19.

It’s official. Papa Legault and his entire entourage have lost their minds. Never mind sending a note to hospitals and senior homes. No dearie. They held a press conference to publicly say this. There are no words for this.

So here are some questions: Are they asked to wear n95s? Are they asked to wear them for their entire shift & never take them off unless outside? Do hospitals have super ventilation & air filtering system? Is there enough personal protection for everyone?

Or, are people working in the healthcare system going to continue to travel from one institution to another spreading the virus?

Nobody would believe this if they didn’t read it.

When Trump was president, all the media and news talking heads could salivate about was his very low approval rating. Every day they would harp on it.

Well peeps, time to start harping on Biden. His approval rating sank lower than Vice President Kamala Harris’ rating for the first time in his presidency on Tuesday.

Here ya go: In a poll conducted from December 1 to 16 showed Harris’ approval rating stood at 44 percent and her disapproval was 54 percent, while 1 percent had no opinion.

The next polls showed 43 percent of respondents approved of the president, while 51 percent disapproved of him and 6 percent had no opinion. No opinion? Maybe they don’t know he’s the president.

We were watching an NFL football game a few nights ago. During halftime, two men and one woman filled the 15 or so minutes bantering back and forth about the game.

The men were dressed in suits and ties. The woman? She was wearing 6 inch heels with a dress that was literally saran wrapped onto her, with one shoulder exposed and her ‘girls’ pretty well exposed.

Seriously? Where are all the feminists? Why aren’t they exploding with rage that one of their ‘sisters’ has to look like Holly the Hooker to get the attention of men watching football in between quarters? And are the men so dense with nothing but air between their ears that they need to see this to keep their attention? Don’t bother answering. It’s obvious. They are.

We’ll talk…

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