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The Sidewalk Skating Olympics

We are in what’s termed ‘dead week’ in the travel business. Translation: you can go on a cruise for a week for about $270 per person. Yup. Ya read that right. Wait, you want to splurge? A seven-night Caribbean cruise on Holland America costs over a thousand dollars during the holidays, but drops down to just $400 a person on January 4.Go crazy. One has to feel badly for the Queen. She’s 88 years old, been Queen for 63 years and her delightful children are still giving her heartache. Prince Charles did his number when he married Diana, who he was obviously not in love with. He needed an heir to the throne and she provided the charming Prince William. Harry, his brother is a tad on the wild side but he’s out of the running anyway now that little Prince George is around and another one is on the way. But we digress.

Just when the Queen thought things were getting better and she could relax wham, another scandal in the palace. Her son Andrew is being accused of, shall we delicately say being intimate with someone much younger than himself. As well, it appears that he’s not keeping the best company, hanging around with a convicted pedophile…before and after he was convicted and went to jail.

Tomorrow she has to haul her 55 year old son into her office and reprimand him. In case you forgot, he’s the one who married and then divorced Sarah Ferguson. Their daughters are, shall we say, not the prettiest chips in the box. Blanche, pass the dark glasses. There was yet another shooting of police yesterday in New York. These were undercover cops. Di Blasio, hizzoner in New York went to visit one of the injured policemen who was less than happy to see him. We have been following this story pretty closely and have heard on more than one occasion that all Di Blasio has to do is apologize for the remarks he said after a grand jury declined to indict a white police officer, whose chokehold contributed to the death of Eric Garner.

Whether or not that police officer was guilty was not the issue. What was the issue were Di Blasio’s comments which incensed police by making the issue personal, saying he fears for his half-black son, Dante, and Dante’s potential future dealings with police. In case you didn’t know, Di Blasio is married to a black woman and his son is black with an afro the size of Texas. Or at least it was the size of Texas when Di Blasio was running for mayor last year.

Da mayor is not gaining any ground with the police in New York. Being stubborn is not going to help him either. Guess where Obama is going in January? No, Blanche, not back to Hawaii. He’s going to India. In his lust for travel, it seems he doesn’t want to miss one country before his time as prez runs out and he loses Air Force 1, his personal, freebie airline.

The problem is while in India he’s attending India’s Republic Day Parade. You can just imagine how many people will be there. Gzillions. So how is the Secret Service going to watch him? Now that’s a very good question seeing as they couldn’t protect him in his own house a few months ago.

The secret service will position surveillance satellites to track each and every movement that Obama makes. Besides dozens of secret service agents, teams of Marines and other special forces will provide ‘fool proof’ protection for the president which includes sharpshooters on rooftops and dogs. Can we talk? What’s the point of this? The cost must be in the hundreds of millions of dollars so Obama can look good? We’re happy to be canucks, eh?

Even if you don’t understand a word of French, you will certainly enjoy this video. A CBC reporter decided to skate to work yesterday. You’ll get a pretty accurate picture of what it’s like living in Montreal during a mini ice storm which we had here two days ago, with poor if any salting or, as they say here, rocking.

It’s pretty well impossible to walk on any sidewalks. Literally they are skating rinks. Copy and paste the link into your browser and enjoy. It’s only 3 minutes long and he starts skating at the 34 second mark. The Montreal sidewalk skating olympics.

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