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The Special Place Reserved for Bernie Sanders

We’re starting with good news today. At long, long last, the U.S. and other foreign governments are looking for ways to rebuild the gaza strip without channeling funds through the governing militant group, hamas. Good morning America. How many years did it take for people to wake up? We’ll tell you. Many decades.

The tunnels that Israel very intelligently blew up were built with money supposedly going to help the little peeps. Obviously it never got to the plebs as they continue to live in squalor. hamas is fighting this tooth and nail, indignantly declaring by not giving them the money means they are not trusted. Duh.

Unfortunately, in the world of gaza, hamas is not the only group not to be trusted to help rebuild homes of the people. Let’s just say their leaders like to live in the style to which they have been accustomed and that is not in a rundown apartments.

Unlike Israel, where a community got together and rebuilt a synagogue in one day, it serves the arab world’s purpose to allow the disgusting living conditions in gaza to continue.

There are self-hating Jews and then there’s Bernie Sanders. As the saying goes, there’s a special place for him after 120 years. It will only be then that he will understand what he did to his own people.

Here’s a headline Bernie: When the germans came for the Jews it didn’t matter how far back your judaism went.  If you were a Jew, you needed to be annihilated. It’s pretty obvious Bernie doesn’t know his history nor does he realize that no matter how hard he panders to the arabs, to the AOC culture,  the woke culture,  the catholics or protestants, black lives matter, he will always be a Jew.

Here’s one of his quotes: “I think our goal is very simple. It is to understand that what’s going on in Gaza today is unsustainable when you have 70% of the young people unemployed, when people cannot leave the community, when hospitals and wastewater plants have been destroyed.” You do understand Blanche, that he is blaming Israel for all of this.

The fact is that no international monies/donations ever went to build hospitals, wastewater plants, any other infrastructure or to better the lives of the people there. hamas and the palestinian authority took the money and either built tunnels or massive homes for themselves. Conveniently, Bernie knows nothing or pretends to know nothing of this.  As the saying goes Bernie, you can run but you can’t hide.

Blanche, don’t you wonder where the voice of the save-the-world liberals and woke culture are now that Jews are moving targets all over the world? Are they picking and choosing who to save?

If we had a slogan, oh, let’s say like Jews Lives Matter – JLM do you think people would march in the street, hold candle vigils, makes signs, cry and weep? No.

Somehow, Jews are expendable. Somehow because we  advance the medical world wildly beyond our small numbers, help every downtrodden group known to man, donate massive buildings to universities and are the one and only democratic country in the middle east – we are not worthy of anyone standing up for us.

After all is said and done, we must know two things: a) no one is going to stand up for us and b) we must unite and stick together. In LA where anti-semitic incidents are off the charts, people got together and formed groups made up of strong young men in different neighborhoods.

You’re afraid to walk home from shul? Someone is there to help you. Some arab started bullying an elderly woman shlepping her shopping bags? There will be a group of young Jewish men ready  to beat the crap out of him. Speaking softly to someone who wants to kill you won’t work.

Every Jewish neighborhood worldwide should be creating their own small army of what are called shomrim – guards.

And finally, this too shall pass but the lesson is there: We must stick together and take care of ourselves as it is abundantly clear that no one else will.

Ever hear of a cicada? They are one of the loudest insects known to man and they only come out when it’s hot. They also have another idiosyncrasy. They live subterranean for 17 years, tunneling and feeding beneath the soil. This year, 2021 is year 17 when they will – all billions of them – rise above the ground to find a mate which is their a top priority. The loud, buzzing drone cicadas make is actually a mating song emitted by male insects.

About 35 million Americans will have the opportunity to interact with these insects as they will likely be spotted in Philadelphia; Washington, DC; Baltimore; Cincinnati; and Indianapolis. Fear not Blanche. Cicadas usually die just four to six weeks after emergence.

Watching golf is not everyone’s cuppa tea, but this past weekend, the PGA was history-making. Why? Because the nicest guy in the game – Phil Mickelson won and took home a cool $2.16 million. What’s so special about his win? He’s almost 51 years old and played against young men half his age.

He is so popular that on the 18th and last hole, the crowds could not be contained and almost mobbed him. As we told our grandson – being great in professional sports is only one part of the puzzle. Being a mench – a decent human being – is what makes your fans love you. A life lesson.

Can anyone ‘splain’ why if we have two vaccinations we still have to quarantine when returning from traveling – anywhere? Does Justin have a plan? Clearly not. Your tax dollars at work.

We’ll talk…

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