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There is no doubt whatsoever Justin wishes that India and its 1.408 billion people would disappear off the face of the earth. Why? Because they are exposing him - on the international forum - for what he is - the emperor with no clothes.

The English language channel in India ran a nine minute segment calling Justin an ignorant hypocrite.

India's Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi spent most of a meeting with Justin reprimanding him.

Justin pulled back from a handshake with Modi. What a dufus move because he did this in front of all the other world leaders. If he couldn't figure out that the visual of this would be good only for Modi then he gets what he deserves. Modi is much older than Justin and on that alone - on pure respect for one's elders - he should have shaken his hand.

Dream on peeps - our self-serving, arrogant prime minister has a one way mirror.

When asked about not shaking Modi's hand like a mench Justin suggested people could read into it what they wish. He also skipped Modi’s leaders’ dinner the night before, with the Prime Minister’s Office refusing to say why.

And then his plane broke down and he couldn't leave the country. Justin and his bloated entourage had to wait two days for a plane to be flown from Canada to India with someone who could fix the plane in India with 'equipment failure'. How bush is that?

One minute. Didn't Justin go to India with his whole family and play Mr. Dressup to suck up to Modi not that long ago?

Now he's pouting and won't shake Modi's hand? Justin's time in office is over. He's done and is acting like a desperate man knowing his job is over and trying everything he can think of to hold onto to power. It won't work.

His own caucus wants him out. His poll ratings are in the terlit. He's getting booed at rallys. His wife left him as she was done with his behavior.

One more thing about Justin's fiasco. He took his oldest son with him on this trip. Imagine the lessons his son took away with. Nothing except how not to behave.

It's time for the USA to face reality because if they don't, the repercussions are deadly. And not just for those in the US, but for the entire world.

We speak of President Joe Biden who clearly, very, very clearly, has serious cognitive issues connected with aging. Looking up a simple diagnosis: overall slowness in thinking and difficulties sustaining attention, multitasking, holding information in mind and word-finding.

That perfectly describes Joe Biden. As the world saw during his Vietnam press conference, he is no longer capable of doing any of the above, never mind making critical decisions affecting the world. And to pretend otherwise is putting the world in grave danger.

That the democrats are putting him forward as their candidate makes them look absurd and incompetent to the nth degree. They are grasping at straws because they don't want their genius (Obama-hand-picked) vice president Kamala Harris running?

They need to find someone with kahoonas to sit her down and tell her she's not running for anything except maybe the Boston Marathon. And then find a suitable candidate without serious cognitive issues related to aging. In other words, find somebody younger.

Maybe the people making these decisions also have cognitive issues. And if it's not that, then they are completely out of touch with reality and/or are hiding something very big.

The joke is now over. He should step down tomorrow, never mind run for president in 2024.

And then there's our illustrious prime minister Justin stuck in India because the government plane on which he flies is over 30 years old and in constant need of repair. He's not afraid to fly in such a clunker?

Just before leaving India a problem was detected on the plane. You know - the old equipment malfunction trick.

This plane is so old that either there are no more parts available or they have to be manufactured so he's stuck there until another plane can be found to bring him and his entourage back from India. How bush are we?

If you haven't heard about the rat tours in New York consider yourself very lucky.

Some genius there started posting on tic tok that he was following rats around at night. People with nothing to do with their lives thought this a wonderful idea and now this guy is giving rat tours of New York.

Yes Blanche, for a fee you can go into the sewers of New York or maybe stand near a pile of stinking garbage or better, go into the bowels of the dark, damp subway and watch rats run around.

We ask you - how much fun is this? We'll tell you. It's not. Rats are disgusting and carry diseases. People who go on these tours need to find a life.

Yesterday was 9/11. We won't elaborate on the day as the 3000 people who were murdered are testament to the depraved, barbarous minds of the muslims who flew planes into the World Trade Center. All in the name of their 'religion'.

What we will say is that we are still paying a dear price for that terrorist attack.

Anyone who has been to an airport since 2001 knows very well what the repercussions are: take off your shoes, take out your computer, no water, no liquid more than 3 oz, don't fidget or you'll be super-searched, take off your sweater/coat/scarf/belt, take out everything from your pockets. Did we leave anything out?

And why do we have to keep doing all these things? Because muslim terrorists are still out there waiting to murder the infidels - anyone not muslim. Nothing more to say on this.

The geniuses who designed the road leading to Montreal's one and only airport must have been living in Petty Harbor Newfoundland where six people go to the airport once a week. They thought to themselves - Montreal is a small city. A bit bigger than Petty Harbor. How many people could possibly go to the airport to catch a night flight to Europe on one day? 30? 50?

Well, guess what? They were wrong. Lots and lots and lots of people want to travel. In fact so many that on a daily basis there is a 2km line up to get to the departures and arrivals on the one road leading to both.

Try getting anyone involved in the airport to speak about this. We looked at who runs the airport and Stéphane Lapierre is Vice President, Airport Operations and Air Services Development. We sent him an email asking what he is planning to do about these endless lineups which occur on a daily basis.

There was a picture of a WestJet cabin crew member walking past traffic to make his flight at last week. It went all over the world.

Montreal's airport and all roads to get there were designed by amateurs, but were paid like professionals. Just like the road fixing, the endless construction and re-construction on the same streets year after year. Vive le quebec.

We'll talk...

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