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The Trump and Merkel Show Goes to Washington

Seriously Blanche, did you know that Israel has a baseball team? We bet you didn’t. Israel was the lowest-ranked team to qualify for the World Baseball Classic, coming in at 41st. Oy. Now get this: The club started the tournament last week by beating third-ranked South Korea, fourth-ranked Taiwan and ninth-ranked the Netherlands to win its pool in the first round and become the only team to come out of the qualifying round and go undefeated.

In the second round this week Israel, dubbed the Jew Crew, beat fifth-ranked Cuba before losing badly in a rematch with the Netherlands on Monday.Can’t win em all, eh Blanche?

Get this: Before each game, the players have removed their caps for Israel’s national anthem to reveal matching kippahs. No doubt G-d is on their side. Stay tuned for this dream team’s further wins.

A European Union court ruled that companies can prohibit their employees from wearing religious clothing and symbols. Make no mistake. This is a direct ban of hijabs and kippas are going to get caught in the crossfire, a la charter of values here in Quebec.

Marine Le Pen, the leading candidate in the presidential race in France, said she would ban Muslim headcovering if she were elected. Asked whether she would do the same for the kippah, the head of the far-right National Front party said she would do so to preserve equality.

Given the political climate of the world, where voters are looking for non-politician politicians, Le Pen has a good chance of winning.

The mother-of-all-snowstorms is hitting Montreal but bypassed New York city. Upstate New York is getting hit hard as the I87 is shut down tight. People are complaining that the powers that be in New York over reacted. Those people need to take a pill.

If the wind shifts, the weather moves in another direction. That’s pretty well impossible to tell beforehand. Blanche, don’t you wonder how people are predicting climate changes for the next fifty or so years? Guess what, they can’t predict them but love going to climate change conferences in Paris and other nice cities, flying business class and staying in five star hotels.

Of all the people in the world that we would not want to be, Sean Spicer is it. As Trump’s White House spokesman who has to go out everyday and defend his bosses interesting tweets, charges or comments, he’s learning to be bullet proof, albeit often sounding like he’s talking in another language.

While it is no secret that we were never fans of Hillary, to put it mildly, Trump seems to be a very fast moving train wreck . His latest accusation of Obama wiretapping his offices in Trump Tower may in fact be true, but until he had proof he should not have said anything, let alone tweet this out.

Enter Spicer who has to defend Trump: Spicer “explained” that even though he specifically cited Obama — Trump didn’t really mean Obama. That’s the way he has to talk – in riddles. Trump, he said, was only speaking in general terms.

Until someone gets a handle on their boss, they will all continue to look and sound like buffoons. Scary that they are running the country, eh Blanche?

Stay tuned for this week’s meeting between Angela Merkel and Donald Trump. It was supposed to be today but due to the snowstorm was postponed to Friday.

Merkel chews nails and spits battleships. Trump thinks he’s America’s gift to the world. What could possibly happen? Watch for the tweets cause they are going to be priceless.

we’ll talk…

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