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An excellent article in the National Post on how Justin's government - starting from him and going all the way down (yes Anthony, you are also included even though you were not in the House of Commons for the infamous standing ovation), on the unbearable stupidity of our elected officials.

It seems that the world now looks at us collectively as a country of ignoramuses. Why? Because it is becoming increasingly apparent that no one in the House of Commons had even an inkling that the 98 year old ukranian, who got not one but two cringe-worthy standing ovations, could be a nazi. Not even a whiff of a hint.

No one had the presence of mind to figure out that if one was fighting 'with' the russians in WWII, then defacto you were fighting with the nazis to round up Jews. We will repeat that this man volunteered to join the nazis and, as per an article he wrote a few years ago, was still proud of that fact.

Our allies are quietly appalled at the ignorance of our elected officials. And as we elected them, we are lumped into the same 'basket of deplorables'.

The new speaker of the House of Commons was elected today, replacing the now infamous Anthony Rota.

His name is Greg Fergus, he represents the Quebec riding of Hull-Aylmer near Ottawa and has the distinction of being the first Black Speaker of the Commons.

He spoke like a normal person. In fact he was very funny saying that the only time one gets a round of applause in the House of Commons is when you come in and when you leave.

Then Justin he didn't speak. He read from a prepared speech and could use a drama teacher of his own. He sounded like a bored robot. The good thing is he wasn't breathless as he usually is, always seemingly auditioning for a porn movie. Just saying.

Our illustrious mayor Valerie Plante did not get along with Sue Montgomery the former mayor of the CDN-NDG borough, nor her chief of staff Annalisa Harris.

If you recall, Montgomery started ticking Plante off by knitting during city council meetings because she said men got more speaking time than women. Even if she was right, knitting? Seriously? We still can't come to ourselves from that one. But we digress.

Montgomery and Plante are tied for the most obnoxious blind-following climate change believers known to man.

When Montgomery was mayor, she didn't own a car, thought everybody should bike to work, to get their laundry, groceries and pick up their 3 kids from school. Snow piled up in one neighborhood with 3 schools within 3 blocks of each other and she never even bothered to a) go see what the issue was or b) fix the problem. She was an 'extra special' mayor.

Back to Plante. Montgomery so ticked off Plante that in 2019 the latter expelled her from the party. Seems there was a human resource report that stated Harris harassed two civil servants in her office. Montgomery disagreed but was never allowed to see the report. Plante at her finest arrogant self.

Montgomery was subsequently ousted from Plante's party, formed her own party and lost by a landslide in the last municipal election.

Montgomery sued Plante and guess what? She won. Valerie Plante and, get this one - the city of Montreal - settled out of court last week. Montgomery and Harris will share a $300,000 settlement.

Now you have the background, here's the issue: Because the settlement involved Plante AND the city of Montreal guess who pays the bill?

If you guessed that Valerie Plante is paying $300,000 of her own money to Montgomery we have swampland to sell you in Florida.

You peeps, are paying that $300,000. This is your tax dollars at work. All because two arrogant, self-serving women had a catfight and couldn't settle it. And this is what is running our cities. Shreklach.

We wonder if the author 0f this next article knows the writer of the first article. Matt Walsh laments that his country - the USA - is run by imbeciles. Our country is run by unbearably stupid people. Get the drift here? No leadership anywhere.

He was referring to a genius congressman by the name of Jamaal Bowman. What did he do?

On Saturday, to delay a vote on the shutting down of the US government, he pulled a fire alarm. Clearly the vote was delayed. Duh.

His stunt led to an evacuation and full response by emergency and law enforcement personnel. Everyone knows he did it because guess what? He was caught on camera. When confronted however, Mr. Bowman had another story to tell. This one rivals Justin and his non-answer answers. Ready? I was rushing to make a vote, I came to a door that is usually open for votes but today would not open. I am embarrassed to admit that I activated the fire alarm, mistakenly thinking it would open the door.

Of course he vigorously denied pulling the alarm as that would be a criminal charge and expulsion from congress. Little Jammal said the sign in front of the door was confusing:

“Emergency exit only. Push until alarm sounds. Three seconds. Door unlock in 30 seconds.”

What's confusing about that? Nothing. But guess what? Some in the media are defending him.

Blanche, doesn't it make sense that a grown adult man would walk up to an emergency exit, and in an effort to leave the building, tear down the sign, pull the fire alarm, and run the opposite way. This, the media says, is a sensible strategy for exiting a building.

Jammal Bowman is an imbecile as are the media who are defending him.

Then there is a large majority of the US media, including CNN and MSNBC, trying their absolute darndest to make sure Trump doesn't run in the next election - November 2024.

Yesterday as he entered a New York courtroom he spoke the truth. Now you may despise him, but there is no doubt that there is a concerted witch-hunt taking place in an all out effort to take his name off the ballot as the republican presidential candidate.

It's not working. Nor is ignoring Joe Biden's illustrious son Hunter being indicted by a federal grand jury on counts related to his purchase of a Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver while he was a drug addict in October 2018. If found guilty he could face 25 years in prison and up to $750,000 in fines

It also doesn't bode well for the media to ignore the fact that Biden is no longer capable of running the country, never mind having the codes to be able to destroy the world. He's just too old, too feeble and too confused.

Nothing good happens from lying to yourself. Eventually, it will come back to bite you. Very hard and very deep. Unfortunately, we all get rabies.

House Speaker Republican Kevin McCarthy was forced to vacate the speakership on Tuesday after Democrats voted in support of Republican Matt Gaetz’s motion to vacate the speakership.

This the first time in U.S. history that the House has ever removed a speaker. The last time that a speakership was even challenged was more than 110 years ago.

The House of Representatives is completely paralyzed without a speaker. Clearly this is unchartered waters as this had never happened in the history of the United States. No one knows when a new leader will be elected nor who that leader will be.

Matt Gaetz should also be ousted with McCarthy for pushing his party to do this.

So now we have the democrat party with an aging leader who should not be running for anything, never mind president and a republican party who is so dysfunctional that they voted out their own speaker of the house.

We'll talk...

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