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It's enough. We get the point. The FBI is beginning to look like the keystone cops who couldn't ever find a crime or criminal or a top secret document.

Anthony Housefather runs around Ottawa and parliament hill trying to 'educate' people on Jewish matters. Whoop-ti-do. Anthony Housefather is a secular Jew who may know a lot about politics but the optics of him being the voice of Judaism b

If the point is other democrats trying to embarrass Biden and prove he's a partially senile President, everybody knows that already.

The biggest issue in this escalating and becoming a very expensive treasure hunt is that no one knows what is top secret and what is not. When we said a week ago that the US is beginning to resemble a Three Stooges movie, we were not kidding. They are demeaning their credibility in the world with this bs.

Peeps, there's a new sheriff in town. The House voted Thursday to kick that big mouth democrat Ilhan Omar off the House Foreign Affairs Committee, a decision that Republicans vowed to take because of Omar’s history of anti-Semitic and anti-American remarks.

Of course the democrats are crying foul but they are full of it. This woman is an outright, blatant anti-Semite and American hater. She believes Israel is an apartheid state, that the Jewish people were buying U.S. political support when she said, "It’s all about the Benjamins, baby",

She also described 9/11 as "some 'people' did something." She should be kicked out of every committee she is on and sent back to Somalia where she was born. Let her open her mouth there and see what happens. Wait she won't because Mogadishu where she was born was ranked one of the most dangerous places in the world.

We have not brought out the barf bag in a very long time but this next piece is for puking. Canada’s new special representative on combating Islamophobia - Amira Elghawaby - apologized profusely to the czar. legault if the words she said have hurt Quebecers. Are you kidding?

In 2019 Elghawaby co-wrote an opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen linking “anti-Muslim sentiment” to Quebec’s Bill 21, which bans certain government employees from wearing religious symbols at work. Guess what? She's right.

But we couldn't figure out the real reason she was apologizing until we read that she's now making $191,000 a year to help Justin combat islamophobia. There ya go. Always follow the money.

For that salary she's willing to sell her soul to both Justin and the czar legault. We are guessing that very shortly she will be good friends with Pascal Dery as they are now in the same bed.

Back to Justin who doesn't have the kahoonas to fight with czar legault. Even though she sold her soul, Elghawaby was 100% right and Justin knows it. There is not a shred of doubt that Justin told her to apologize to save his own skin because at no cost will he get into a fight with the czar legault.

He appointed Elghawaby to combat Islamophobia. Who did he appoint to combat anti-Semitism in Canada? We'll tell you. Nobody.

Anthony Housefather runs around Ottawa and parliament hill trying to 'educate' people on Jewish matters. Whoop-ti-do. Anthony Housefather is a secular Jew who may know a lot about politics but the optics of him being the voice of Judaism belongs in Eaton's window and we know where Eaton's is now.

Here's the headline peeps: Elghawaby is a visible muslim. To combat anti-semitism you need a visible, kippah-wearing Jew.

We googled Ottawa's appointed person to combat anti-Semitism. You know what we got?

Yup. That's a link to the official website in the US that does this. And guess what else? They appointed a smart, educated and fearless woman by the name of Ambassador Deborah Lipstadt for that job.

Justin's view of the Jewish population in Canada is nil at best given his response to last Friday's bloodbath outside a synagogue in Israel. Remember that next time he calls an election.

What is the new term for a homeless person? Unhoused. You read that right. The mayor of Toronto has now determined that homeless people's sensibilities will be hurt if they are called homeless.

Michael Finlay, a well-respected journalist working for the CBC was randomly and viciously attacked in Toronto a few days ago and he died. Four other people have also been randomly attacked. If you don't quite get the jist of this, we'll spell it out.

Many people who are 'unhoused' have serious mental health issues. We mean very serious ones. And it is many of them who are committing these assaults in Toronto.

Never mind that support for mental health and social programs have been cut to shreds, there's nowhere to put the 'unhoused'.

Their punishment? A slap on the wrist assuming the matter even gets to court.

You go for a walk on a nice street in a nice area of town and an 'unhoused' mentally unhinged person jumps you and beats the crap out of you. If you're lucky you'll live. If not, as in Finlay's case, you won't.

Being homeless is terrible and awful for those who don't have a home to go to. But wasting time placating their delicate sensibilities is ignorant woke bs at its finest.

We wonder what the mayor of Toronto would do if one if his children were attacked by an unhoused person and beaten to a pulp. Our guess is he would sing a different tune.

If you thought that the dairy board in Canada was screwing you, you were 100% correct. Finally, farmers themselves are speaking out. Here ya go:

The government is making a Dairy Farm in Southern Ontario dump 30,000 litres of milk because they have gone over quota. Can’t donate it to a food bank, or to a hospital, or to a homeless shelter. Right down the drain so we can pay $7 per litre for milk.

Milk-dumping has actually been a regular feature of the Canadian dairy sector for at least the last 50 years, and it is done very deliberately to maintain high prices for Canadian milk.

Ever since the 1970s, Canadian dairy farmers have been subject to a state-sanctioned cartel that artificially limits supply in order to drive up prices and ensure profitability for farmers.

Get this: At the same time, strict border controls shield Canadian milk producers from foreign competition.

Imports of foreign dairy products can be slapped with prohibitive tariffs of up to 400 per cent, and travellers face penalties and confiscation from the Canadian Border Services Agency if they return to Canada with too much cheese in their luggage.

One Canadian dairy farmer said on Monday that Canada is the “only country” that forces farmers to dump milk when they have had an unusually productive season. “But we’re not supposed to talk about this,” he said.

You are getting royally, totally screwed by your government who allows this illegal cartel to keep running. We wonder who is going to finally find their big boy pants, actually put them on and put an end to this.

Could the global warming, climate change tree huggers stop making people insane with the weather and get a grip on themselves. This weekend it's going to be very cold in the northeast. How cold?

According to CNN the coldest in decades. And so? It's cold. People who live in the northern part of the US and in Canada all know that once or twice a year - during winter mind you - they get a few days of bone-chilling freezing cold weather. They all have coats and mitts and hats. Their houses are heated.

This is not earth-shattering. This is a regular weather occurrence. Creating weather hysteria over what - believe it or not - is still normal weather is not going to help their ratings one iota.

If they have not figured out that getting into bed with left-wing-tree-hugging-save-the-turtles-subaru-driving people have not tanked them, then they deserve whatever they get. Including Don Lemon who cried when Trump won the election, whining what will I tell my children? That you're an idiot.

About 20 hours ago this was reported by LAX (Los Angeles airport):

...LAX is assessing a power issue impacting some LAX facilities at this time. The airfield is operating normally but some terminals, traffic lights and other systems may not have power. Our teams are working on the issues. Then they posted this:

...Due to the power issue TSA has stopped screening passengers in most terminals so please allow extra time. Crews are responding as quickly as possible to restore all systems.

...Most of our terminals are impacted by the loss of power and crews are assessing the issue. Some departing flights may be impacted due to no power to jet bridges. Please allow extra time and check your flight status as we learn more.

If you think for half a second that all the other airport issues in the last month were an 'accident', this one may jolt you out of your complacency. Someone or some group are slowly but surely getting to the 'big one'. Our guess is that it would be to simultaneously shut down all major airport hubs in the US for a massive ransom.

We sincerely hope that some large power is dealing with this and not leaving it to each airport, pretending that each one is an isolated incident. It's not.

We know there is a lot to read in Blanche today, but the total disregard by governments of money they are entrusted with, your hard-earned money, is jaw-droppingly breaktaking.

It is now coming out that Justin and his nitwit bureaucrats decided that they were going to 'keep us safe' during covid no matter what the cost. Never mind that restrictions were lifted and all kinds of information was coming out that many of said 'restrictions' were politically motivated and had less than nothing to do with covid.

Now we find out they spent close to $400 million for quarantine hotels. You may recall that many of those 'hotels' were a disaster, that people who were vaccinated were being held against their will, that food and water was not supplied, that they were locked in their rooms with security guards on every floor.

Trying to save their big fat bloated behinds government officials are saying that “These facilities were there as an important measure to stop the spread and save lives." Who exactly are they kidding? Certainly not anyone with more than the brain of a gnat.

Entitled, arrogant, unaccountable politicians whose salaries we pay. Gross.

Today is groundhog day. Unfortunately in Quebec, Fred la Marmotte the groundhog was found dead in his 'enclosure'.

Organizers had to break the news to the crowd who were breathlessly waiting to hear how much longer will they have to endure winter.

The very sad organizer said that when he tried to wake Fred, he had no vital signs. No one knows how long ago he expired as he has been hibernating since the fall. Sadly Fred la Marmotte will not coming be coming down for breakfast.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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