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THE Variant

In the last blog we asked the following question: We have had covid and been vaccinated. What’s the plan from the provincial and federal governments for people like us?

Yesterday, Rex Murphy wrote a column opining two facts, the first being that Canadians are in a coma. Why? Because both levels of government simply cannot communicate properly to those who are directly affected by their ever-changing rule. Basically, people are following edicts like sheep.

The second is where we were vindicated. Murphy asks: Do you guys (the government) have ANY plan for when this ends, for it CANNOT continue. Do you have an end date? When is it? Do you actually know what you are doing? Or are we all, the whole Canadian nation, on some playground slide that has no terminal. Is it all drop until you stop?

We will reiterate. Yes there is a variant. Yes there are people Quebec city who went to a gym run by a loser who refused to wear a mask and is now in the ICU. That little escapade infected about 70 other people  literally  caused by an idiot.

But here’s a little detail that tells the rest of the story of the ‘numbers game’:

In many parts of rural Quebec where apparently everyone votes for Legault, it takes 2 days to get an appointment for a covid test and another 4-5 days to get the results. So we ask you – if someone has a job that just gets him by for the month and he now has to take off a week of work to wait for a covid test result and then if he tests positive must stay home another 2 weeks, what do you think he’s going to do?

We’ll tell you. Not take the covid test and keep going to work. Now we have a question:

If things are so bad there and in other parts of Quebec, why is the government not using rapid testing? They are relatively accurate and if someone has covid they will know immediately. Had this been done in regions like the Outaouais, the numbers would be much different.

This is leading people to stop adhering to government edicts, despite Papa Legault’s threat to punish us. When he stops acting like our babysitter and starts acting like he really wants to get rid of this pandemic,  despite what it will look like politically, our guess is the need for edicts will quickly disappear. His hysteria over the variants is much of his own doing and his refusal to use the rapid tests is ridiculous.

Canada made it to Foxnews last night on the Tucker Carlson show. Well, not all Canadians. Mostly Justin Trudeau.

While speaking about our infamous hotel quarantine upon arriving back in Canada, Carlson referred to said hotels as interment camps. While he was speaking about this, the picture flashing on the screen was Justin in full garb when he was visiting India.

Clearly this was not our finest moment and if anyone told Justin he must have been apoplectic. Goes to show that one cannot pretend things didn’t happen as they come back to bite you.

Here’s a surprise. Dozens of people who took part in the Capitol riots on January 6 are regretting their decision to do so. You know Blanche,  like buyers regret but a lot more serious.

Why are they regretting their decision? Because the FBI and other law agencies have pretty well everyone on the videos they were taking of themselves and each other, proudly posting their crimes. Now they are slowly getting caught, one by one, and as this happens they are being charged with federal crimes which will stay with them forever.

On top of that, when history is written about this day, many of their pictures will be depicted in said history books. Remember the dude with the painted face, viking hat, bare chest and spear? He apologized for what he did, from jail of course. He was asking for ‘understanding’. He’s clearly not a big shot in jail.

All the people who entered the Capitol building will remember that day for the rest of their lives. Especially when they try to travel somewhere or get a job and have to say they have a criminal record.

If you think Quebec has mishandled the pandemic, Ontario is in another stratosphere. It came as a big shock to government officials that they had to have the website for people to register for the vaccine up and running by March. We are guessing the their premier, Doug Ford, has some issues delegating.

Now he is about to announce a 28-day province-wide “shutdown”. “Don’t gather in large groups,” Ford said. “Follow the protocols of the chief medical officer and we’ll be able to get through this and we’ll be able to get more vaccines into people’s arms.” Have we not heard this tune for over a year? Has nothing changed in Ontario?

To keep you abreast of the Israeli election results, President Reuven Rivlin will meet with all the party heads before deciding which party leader will receive the mandate to form the next government.

In other words, it’s still completely up in the air as to who will be Israel’s next prime minister and whether or not there will be a 5th election.

Ms. Sue Montgomery, the happy mayor of CDN-NDG and head of the Courage party, is not very happy these days with so many parks named after men. It was highly recommended that the new park in the Westbury project be named after Elie Weisel. Alas, Ms. Montgomery is not happy with the name and is holding up the process. Perhaps she has never heard of Elie Wiesel? We’re putting out feelers Blanche, but do you think she wants the park named after her? After all, the councillors in Cote St. Luc all named parks after themselves. Why not she must be thinking?

If the park were named after her it would mean she would have to leave her office and go to said park. As she doesn’t want to pollute the air with her car she would have to wait for a nice day to ride her bicycle there. Of course someone would need to give her very explicit directions as she has never visited the Westbury area. It would be like a road trip for her.

Good Shabbos, Happy Passover We’ll talk…

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