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The Wall Will Work.

Pocahontas aka Elizabeth Warren unveiled her exploratory committee on December 31, 2018. What, you may be asking is she exploring? Whether or not she should run for president in 2020. She could have saved herself a lot of time and money and just looked in the mirror where she would see 1/10024th of a Cherokee looking back at her. That basically says it all. The Cherokees don’t even want her cookbook.

She fell, hook, line and sinker for Trump’s dare to do a DNA test regarding her ancestry. If she fell for that ridiculous dare, what kind of president would she be? Not a very good one. Warren is just too much like Hillary – too white, too old, too blonde. Hillary burned people out and Warren is on track to continue in her shoes.

The Women’s March is getting more weird by the day. They are becoming so bizarre that we now have to give you a timeline as to where they are holding:

…An article was published (by Tablet) that confirmed the leaders of the group are anti-Semites.

…This caused a serious backlash against the organization, with the Washington state chapter dissolving in the wake of the news.

…The internal turmoil caused by these statements led the Chicago Women’s March to cancel their march. A march scheduled in California also cancelled — because those planning to attend the rally were “overwhelmingly white.”

…The Women’s March organisers were then given a chance to defend themselves.

…They chose Karen Fleshman founder of something called Racy Conversations — an antiracist organization to do so. She ‘interacted’ with some of the Women’s March leaders who have made anti-Semitic statements, including Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour and said she didn’t witness “a single act of anti-Semitism or exclusionary behavior the entire time” she was with these members or at protests organized by the group. Quel surprise.

…Fleshman then said who she thought was really behind the campaign to ‘fracture’ the women’s march, none other than…Valdimir Putin.

Basically she said that white women are getting their cues and being used by Putin. The woman and the march people all deserve each other. Throw Elizabeth Warren into the fray and you now have some inkling as to why Donald Trump got elected. If these are the women who purport to represent normal people, the US is in for another four years of Trump.

The Canadian political pundits are at it again, trying very hard to figure out why the Conservative party will have a hard time in the October election. Their thinking is that that Jagmeet Singh has basically destroyed the NDP party. (Can you hear the calls for Mulcair to come back? No yet? Wait. It’s coming. But we digress.) According to the pundits, if the NDP collapses, their votes won’t go to the Conservative party. They will go to the Liberal party. And here’s where we beg to differ.

People have had it with Trudeau. He has gone from one catastrophe to another and is simply one big fiasco. The pundits still think people will vote for the Liberals? Nope. They will either not vote at all or vote Conservative, which would be the wiser choice. We think Canadians are ready for adults to start running the country.

About that wall…Trump is not wrong. And yes, it does work in Israel. No, the wall cannot keep everyone out. And no, the wall cannot cover the entire border. What it can do is be a deterrent. It will make it much harder to sneak into the US because wide open borders will be significantly less.

The murder of that policeman in California by an illegal immigrant, whose family and friends were trying to sneak him out of the country makes Trump’s point exactly. The murderer and seven of his family and friends were arrested for trying to help him. They should all be immediately deported and the murderer put in jail and the key thrown away.

Caravans of people forcing their way into the US, despite the bleeding heart liberals, should not be allowed in. They should go the route that everyone else has to go – it’s called the legal route.

We’ll talk…

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