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The World is Run By Idiots, Especially Here in La Belle Province.

Our big-mouth mayor Coderre, grinning like an idiot told his plebs that we have another 10 years of road construction. Why? Because inferior products were used for generations and previous administrations were too busy taking money from construction companies to deal with a very old infrastructure.

His announcement got even better. He said that he would try to give compensation to store-owners and companies that will be adversely affected by the construction. We have swampland to sell you in Florida if you believe one word of that.

If you are in need of handicapped parking, you best be in good shape. While the handicapped parking places are close to the stores or corner, they are very far from the paying machines. In some instances, the machines are across streets.

One minute Blanche. Are you saying that if someone needs handicapped parking, chances are they have trouble walking and here in la belle province nobody gives a rats. Indeed.

Pay for parking and walk, often a very long block for the privilege. Ontario has long done away with paying for handicapped parking. It’s free as it is in many places including Florida.

Goes with the rest of the bs here. $44 million for lights on a bridge, tearing down an overpass that was built just last year to the tune of $11 million. Take care of their population? Waste of time.

In the same vein there were two other in-your-face issues that the Quebec government will try to poo-poo or outright ignore.

The first is an autistic child who has been waiting for early intervention for five years. She is symbolic of the abnormal wait times for medical attention. Now she’s too old for early intervention and has been put on another kind of waiting list for group treatment which won’t help her.

Then there’s the $27 a day for the luxury of watching television while you lie sick in your bed in the new hospital. Seems one company has the contract for in-room TV’s all over the province. Can you say collusion? Us plebs are nothing in this equation except a royal pain. What a nerve to get sick or G-d forbid be born with an illness.

But wait, there’s more. The Quebec government has proudly announced that it has made a profit this year. Oh really? They didn’t make any profit – they sliced and diced services, especially in health care so much that a child can’t get, what in any other place, would be normal services.

It’s very obvious that Couillard, our premier doesn’t much like his job. Have you seen him lately? Have you read a quote of his in the paper lately? He doesn’t have the cahoonas to stand up to that bully of a health minister Barrett and he’s impotent in the rest of his job.

One of the bigger issues in the US election is the Obamacare fisasco. As people begin to realize that Obama lied straight out – like you can keep your doctor or insurance company when in fact you can’t, things are hitting the fan big time. It’s one of the reasons the Democrats are happy the election is next week. Too bad Trump can’t stick to the script for a sustained attack on this subject.

While he seems to be a bit better, it doesn’t take much for him to lose his train of thought, something we assume people are watching. Is he fit to be the president? Does he have the brains to concentrate on the highly complex issues that will arise? Will he listen to his advisors? Lotsa strings left unattached.

One thing Trump has which Hillary does not: Unadulterated, unequivocal open support for Israel. While Obama did give money to Israel’s defence, his treatment of Netyanhyu was abysmal. Seems the two men did not like each other at all. Hillary is an extension of Obama so if she’s elected, expect to see more of the same.

The juicy wikileaks drip, drip, drip of Clinton staffers emails is getting juicier by the second. Chelsea Clinton accused her father’s aides of taking “significant sums of money from my parents personally,” of “hustling” during foundation events to win clients for their own business, and of even installing spyware on her chief of staff’s computer.

Hillary Clinton, another email showed, had promised to attend a Clinton Foundation gathering in Morocco at the behest of its king, who had pledged $12 million to the charity. What Blanche?? $12 million??? Her advisers worried that would look unseemly just as she was beginning her presidential campaign in earnest. Unseemly?? Grossly disgusting would be more appropriate.

Here’s a good one: Just before announcing that she was running for president, Hillary was advised to say the following, which she did: As president, I won’t permit any conflicts between my work for the American people and the Foundation’s good work. Nice try.

Since it’s inception in 1997, the Clinton Foundation has raised about $2 billion. Hillary has claimed repeatedly that they do good work with the money. Got that Blanche?

Here’s where some of the money went: Laureate International Universities, a for-profit education company based in Baltimore, was paying Bill Clinton $3.5 million annually “to provide advice” and serve as its honorary chairman. Don’t think too much of that money went to Haiti. Rather it may have gone to pay for Chelsea’s $10 million apartment in Manhattan.

Americans are choosing the best of the absolute two worst candidates to ever run for president and they should be ashamed of themselves to have nominated them.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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