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Take your pick. You either support Israel and what they are doing or you don't. And if you don't then you are waiting for sharia law to come to a theatre near you.

If you think for half a second that Israel is hama's only stop you are cripplingly delusional. Israel was the first stop because it's in the neighborhood. hamas wants one thing and one thing only: the world to follow sharia law.

So if you are interested in keeping western civilization as it is, where you can vote, follow whatever gender you desire, live where you want, walk around with your face showing, then you better be 200% behind Israel.

In case you didn't know, Israelis are fighting this battle for the entire world.

Yes it's also a spiritual war for the soul of the land, which by the way was given to the Jews by G-d Himself to Abraham over 4000 years ago. If you're not sure about that piece of information, please inform yourself via the Old Testament in Genesis.

In the meantime, all those idiots protesting against Israel - buy them a one-way ticket to gaza to help the 'poor palestinians'.

There was a very enlightening article about whining young adults on college campuses. The title was very telling: Jewish College Students: Stop Whining and Grow Some.

Here's the beginning of the article:

You were reared by rich, comfortable, Long Island and Westchester liberals to be liberals and woke. They had abandoned the Judaism of their parents and grandparents, and now had nothing Judaic to offer you. You attended reform temples where you learned nothing Judaic of substance. All you know is that, by happenstance, you were born Jewish just as others, by happenstance, are born left-handed.

Here's the end:

Stop waiting to be saved by off-campus organizations. You have to save yourselves, for G-d’s sakes! Christians will respect you for it. Many will join you. You don’t have to let a handful of foreign students — who do not even belong in America — along with a bunch of Jewish self-hating apostates, beat you down. There are more of you than them. Stop marching to the showers like lambs. This is not Auschwitz; it’s Harvard Yard.

Time for these kids to grow up and grow a pair. Take a stand, possibly for the first time in your life. No one is going to do this for you.

Justin and Melanie Joly were very disturbed by the fire-bombing of a synagogue in Montreal.

They are disturbed? We are disturbed by them.

Stop asking Israel for a ceasefire. All that will do is help hamas rearm. In fact, Israel opened the roads for a few hours and guess what happened? hamas did not let their own people leave - they shot at them.

Did you know that neither Justin nor Melanie saw one video of what hamas did to Israelis? They have kept themselves completely sanitized which is why they could even breathe the word ceasefire.

Until they watch those videos, they have less than zero credibility.

In our last blog we wrote that one of our readers called pascale dery a collaborator. We were a bit reluctant to write that. No longer. pasacle dery is a collaborator.

Yesterday they completely side-swiped the three universities whose international student fees doubled. Why? Because according to legault there's way too much english being spoken in quebec and Montreal and those students are responsible for that.

dery is a fool. Within three hours of that meeting, she was given the dirty work - which of course she did - to tell McGill and Concordia nothing is changing. Bishop's will get some kind of carrot.

This woman is an ambitious, self-serving narcissist who will throw anybody under the bus to further her own career. She's dangerous.

We'll talk...

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