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The movie Barbie has millions of little girls and their mothers running to theatres. This past weekend, they dropped $150 million to see the movie.

We never liked Barbie. Who looks like that? Who wants to look like that? Who wants their daughters to think women should look like that? That's what little girls are supposed to aspire to? And what about the girls who are fat? Pretty, nice, kind, intelligent but fat. They don't count?

The Barbie movie puts all of this in your face and we are giving Ben Shapiro, the conservative opinionated columnist who hated the movie Barbie and made no bones about it with a 43 minute tirade a STANDING OVATION.

As always, when one doesn't agree with the left woke liberal agenda they freak out. He said the entire movie is a feminist diatribe about the evils of the modern patriarchy - marketed to 8 year old girls and their mommies. And for saying that he got death threats.

As we have said before and now are witness to in real time, when the left is criticised they have what can only be termed is a temper tantrum. How dare you criticise the movie or, heaven forfend, its female writer-director or anything we believe in?

As Shapiro said, if you question the liberal left woke bs, then you must atone. You must be brought to heel, Spanish-Inquisition style. Saying men can't have a baby? Off with your head. Allowing men to say they are women and then giving them the right to race against real women is wrong. If you say that you need to be hung.

Our guess is that if you are reading this, you do not ascribe to this garbage - which is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. And don't be afraid to speak up about it. Find your kahoonas peeps.

Blanche, if you thought NATO eviscerated Justin, that was mild compared to how the British Journal of Medicine (BJM) condemned him in their international magazine.

The BJM said that the Canadian government failed so badly during covid that Canadians deserve a public inquiry. Clearly they don't know Justin. He is allergic to anything that will shed any bad light on himself. We're still waiting for the public inquiry into China's interference in our election, after he fired the rapporteur he appointed.

As per the BJM there was no federal leadership during covid. Each province created its own rules for school closures, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, curfews, lock-downs and limits on public gatherings. That led to the absence of any coordinated cohesive plan.

One of the worst things that resulted due to no cohesive plan was allowing elderly people to die alone because visitation was banned. That was unconscionable and Justin should never be forgiven for that.

The BMJ found the poor quality of our medical system in this kind of emergency astounding because of fragmented health leadership starting with Justin's own health department.

What put them over the edge was Canada's hoarding of vaccines. They accused Justin - and rightly so - of championing global equity during covid and then not sharing what they had.

"Canada was judiciously ungenerous and unsavvy in its global behavior, despite repeated pledges by its prime minister to delivery global solidarity during covid-19."

All Justin does is talk and not follow through. His NATO promises which then were not followed through and his supposed gender equality bs are two more examples of the emperor having no clothes.

As we have said before, the rest of the world is seeing this as well and now speaking out about loudly.

And speaking of Justin, tomorrow there's going to be a big cabinet shuffle. One of those who got the boot is our erstwhile and very useless transport minister Omar Alghabra. This guy brought new meaning to the word incompetent.

David Lametti is another one getting the boot from his job as Justice minister and attorney general. He dropped the ball more times than a fumbling juggler.

Look for Anna Gainey - Justin's handpicked Mount Royal riding girl to get a cabinet post. Along with Alghabra, three women have left the cabinet.

How about this: Choose someone for their ability rather than their gender or the color of their skin. What a revelation that would be.

Justin is preparing for an election, probably this fall. That of course would wipe out inquiries of any sort. Can someone please tell Pierre Poilievre to get his act together? Otherwise, as we have said before, we're all going to be political orphans.

Then there's the US left media protecting Biden, pretending that his son Hunter is lily white and all the Biden's millions of dollars, houses and other perks dropped from the sky. Or he had a money tree in his backyard.

Whistleblowers have testified, with dates, times and evidence that the FBI is protecting Biden. Biden's perfectly woke press secretary - black, gay and a woman - keeps on defending him. How she can keep doing this day after day is really beyond the pale. Don't worry about her. When she leaves the White House she'll be front and center on CNN. But we digress.

Congress has unearthed troubling allegations that are increasingly specific and backed up by witnesses.

Now we learn that Devon Archer, Hunter’s former best friend and business associate, will tell the House Oversight Committee about client meetings that Joe Biden either attended in person or via speakerphone while he was vice president.

Mr. Archer will testify that there were at least 24 such conversations. The more we know, the harder it is to believe Joe Biden’s assertion that he never discussed business with Hunter. All this is happening while the democrats are still trying to 'get' Trump.

Peeps, we share something very fundamental with our US friends - we are all political orphans.

We'll talk...

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