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What to do with anti-maskers? Simple. When they get the coronavirus, they must sign a waiver that they are anti-maskers. Own up to their utter stupidity and self-centered behavior. Then, they should be sent packing from the hospital if that’s where they wind up.

They cannot have it both ways. If they will not wear a mask and don’t care if they infect other people or get infected themselves, c’est la vie. You will suffer the consequence.

Same thing by the way, with anti-vaccers who refuse to vaccinate their children. When exactly will schools start banning those families from putting other children at risk if they believe in outrageous, foolish conspiracy theories?

We live in a very small world, as is evident by this virus. No country was immune. So these anti-maskers want to pretend the whole thing is a hoax? Know that you will suffer alone when you get sick.

To blame the massive forest fires in California and Oregon on any one group is wrong. The big failure is that there is no coherent vision across all levels of government, and conflicting priorities like forest preservation and property protection environmentalists who have exacerbated fire risks. Caring for a forest is much like caring for a garden. You have to invest in it to keep it healthy.

Here’s another tidibt: It’s easier to dig up the resources to put out a fire than it is to prevent one, especially when groups like the timber industry and environmental activists are diametrically opposed on certain kinds of management techniques, like forest thinning.

Fires are a natural part of the ecosystem in forests. Blazes clear out underbrush, restore nutrients to the soil, and help some plants germinate. However, the severity and the damage from recent wildfires is due in large part to human activity.

People are moving into areas prone to burning and ignite the majority of blazes. Blaming Trump for these fires is to diminish what is happening to people and makes those saying these things look desperate and foolish.

Here’s a piece that we were waiting for and lo and behold, we were not disappointed. Meghan Markle is pitching a movie to Netflix on Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors, who is a self-professed Marxist.

We hope no one is surprised by this. She has an agenda, of which this blm movie is part of. Does she also know that blm want to get rid of the police? Does she not know that black people living in inner cities don’t have money for private protection? That when something happens they can’t yell out the window to their bodyguard for help. They have to call the police.

She’s a spoiled, entitled woman who is doing a huge disservice to her black bros and sisters.

NFL football began last week and their ratings were in the terlit. Why? Because sports has become the other arm of politics. Whole teams either ‘took a knee’, raised a clenched fist or didn’t come out of their locker rooms for the national anthem.

To give you some numbers, in 2019 there were 22.2 million viewers for the first week. This year? 14.7 million. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expressed support of the Black Lives Matter movement this summer, defending the right for players and Americans to protest against police brutality.

Football players need to play football when there is a game. They want to send a message to their fans? They should do it on their own time.

Imagine that in Montreal the haze of smoke from the forest fires in BC is covering the city? It’s not yet affecting the air we breathe, but it is causing a light cloud cover when it should be sunny. Did anyone notice that since the coronavirus there have been, mercifully, almost no terrorist attacks? Did you also notice that the we-are-not-a-separtist-party run by Quebec’s premier, an ex-separatist Legault has also been silent? Fear not. They’re back.

It appears that to appease the heavy separatists in his party, Legault let the dogs out in the form of Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette. Clearly this dude has nothing better to do with his time then bring up the tired and very useless there’s too much English spoken in Quebec.

Seriously? When businesses are struggling to stay alive, when Montreal’s genius mayor kills all the parking spots on streets with stores, when the coronavirus is threatening to come back with a vengeance, this is what he is bringing up now?

We will remind you that Mr. Jolin Barrette was the ill-informed, arrogant immigration minister responsible for Bill 21. He failed at that task and was dumped into justice where Legault knew he would tick off the English community in Quebec. Legault of course said to himself, I’m not getting my hands dirty. I’ll let this twerp do it for me. Pathetic.

Hold the date: Tuesday September 29, 9:00 pm. It’s the first presidential debate and definitely a night not to be missed.

Joe Biden will either put to bed or confirm all the rumors about his dementia. Trump will be Trump.

We’ll talk…

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