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Time for Wikileaks to take a Powder

Looks like Sony called Kim Jung Un’s bluff. The little emperor lost this one. Sony plans to release The Interview simultaneously in participating theaters and via video on demand on December 25 .  Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall when Kim Jung finds out?

Second to Thanksgiving, this is the busiest travel time of the year. And wouldn’t ya know, a nasty storm is wreaking havoc in many airports.  Heavy rain, fog, thunderstorms and a swath of snow will converge on the Northeast, Midwest and South. The storm will impact the major airport hubs of New York City, Chicago and Atlanta, as well as the major cross-country routes. What a downer, eh?

Kudos to the jury who rendered a verdict of guilty of murder on all five charges in the gruesome trial going on here in Montreal. It’s over. He was sentenced to 25 years in jail with no chance of parole.

It isn’t only the car companies that do recalls. Today, Keurig recalled about seven million of its Mini Plus Brewing Systems because of concerns they can overheat and spray water during brewing. The company has received about 200 reports of hot liquid escaping from the single-serve coffee brewing machines and 90 of reported burns. The recalled model number K-10 brewers were sold between 2009 and this year and have an identification number starting with 31 printed on the bottom.

Wikileaks is back. Remember Julian Assange? He’s still releasing stuff. The latest business released really and truly should have been kept quiet. Here it is:

The Central Intelligence Agency offers guidelines for its operatives using false identities to get through a “secondary screening” at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport. The document, which is titled “CIA Assessment on Surviving Secondary Screening at Airports While Maintaining Cover” and dated September 2011, was uploaded to WikiLeaks on Sunday night.

The biggest issue with this release is that the report reveals several details about the security procedures at the airport: “Security personnel at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, commonly refer military-aged males traveling alone with backpacks to secondary screening, regardless of their nationality or skin color,” the document reads. It continues: “At Ben Gurion airport in Israel, the secondary screening room contains trace-detection equipment for explosive residue; tools for dismantling passengers’ personal items for inspection, particularly items unfamiliar to security officers; and a disrobing area, divided by privacy curtains, to conduct strip searches of individuals, if necessary.”

The document also singles out Ben Gurion Airport for its particularly stringent background checks. Exactly what good does releasing this information do except give fodder for those who seek to cause chaos, pain and terror. Assange is a real jerk and deserves to stay in the Ecuadorian embassy in London forever. The execution of two police officers in Brooklyn last weekend did not bring Obama out of his holiday mode. (In case you were wondering, he arrived in Hawaii on Friday.) He issued a statement, but did not make any appearances. Of course he feels terrible, but…uh, let’s see, the two policemen were white, neither of them could have been his son, ergo a touchy-feely memo and bob’s your uncle, he’s back on the golf course.

It is under the encouragement of New York’s mayor di Blasio who said pretty bluntly that ‘peaceful’ demonstrations against police are fine that people took to the streets. Now that two policemen were shot in cold blood, he’s singing another tune. Obama also said that those demonstrations were ok as long as they didn’t get violent.

So how about the mob scene that was screaming – What do we want? Dead cops. Why didn’t Obama or di Blasio say something about that? Why didn’t they jump forward and say that without the police and respect for them, democracy as know it would completely break down. Because they are, ready? l.i.b.e.r.a.l.s. There, we said it.

They may have notions of saving the world and bending over backwards to help minorities, which is very noble,  but in this case they failed. Miserably.

We’ll talk…

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