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Justin didn't say anything when czar legault said that women with hijabs could not be teachers or work in any government position. That was in Bill 21.

Justin was silent when Bill 96 was proposed and then passed. English speaking businesses in Quebec were targeted. All correspondence has to be in French. Wills and marriage certificates also have to be in French. You want them translated? Pay.

The czar gave his minions the right to go into private offices, seize phones and computers looking for the dreaded English correspondence - without a warrant. That now gives them more power than the police. Never mind that companies work with the rest of the world - whose language is English. Justin was silent.

Through the grapevine we heard that Justin was silent because it was felt that challenging the czar would have given him (the czar) the perfect opportunity to call a referendum.

See, the czar would say, Canada doesn't like us. We are an island of French in the sea of English in North America and our language will die out if we don't put all these draconian measures in place. Plus we are limiting immigrants because they are too dumb to learn French and they don't work anyway. Seriously? Get this peeps: legault's not-so-secret agenda is the country of quebec.

Instead of bungee jumping like an immature adolescent drama queen looking for attention (oh wait, he is an immature adolescent drama queen looking for attention), maybe it's time for Justin to grow up.

It's way, way past time that he took a page out of Israel's chutzpah book, look czar legault straight in the face and tell him that those oppressive measures will no longer be tolerated in Canada. Your ride is over.

And then peeps - it's up to us and the ROC - rest of Canada, particularly successful business people in Quebec - both French and English - who have the ear of journalists worldwide to embarrass the czar in every paper, on every news station, every day all over the world. Don't go after the czar personally. Shame him publicly, relentlessly, mercilessly.

Look at quebec. Their healthcare system is dead and their leader stopped the one and only program that was going to train people - specifically immigrants - to get them into the system because it was in an English school.

This is a perfect woke moment, especially with the czar going after immigrants. They are ideal fodder for the woke culture - not white and looking for a new life. They come to quebec and what to they get? Racism.

If someone reading this has Justin's ear, and the air has left a momentary gap between his ears, perhaps they can suggest he find his kahoonas which will activate his dormant chutzpah and remind him that quebec is still part of Canada and last time we looked he was the prime minister of the entire country.

Peeps - courage doesn't come from doing what everybody says or following the pack like sheep. Courage comes from doing what you know is right. Everybody knows that people with big egos have low self-esteem. Go after him where it will hurt him the most. Publicly. In the rest of the world.

King Charles III will be coronated on Saturday May 6. That leaves us out in terms of watching it. It's the Sabbath and we're offline. Just saying.

Kamala Harris, USA's bumbling, grinning Vice President is at it again. First she claimed that the Mexican border was secure, which it is absolutely not. Then she blamed Donald Trump for the disaster at the border vis-a-vis the ongoing migrant crisis.

Can we talk? For starters, Biden has been president almost two years and he's the one who is yelling at the top of his lungs to all migrants far and near - come on down. America is waiting for you with open arms.

Does this genius Harris not recall that Trump wanted to build a wall to keep migrants out? Clearly her memory is attached to her very small brain which results in off the wall comments such as that one.

And if she calls thousands of migrants flowing over the Mexican border daily secure, there's nothing to talk about. Even having them dropped off at her doorstep didn't wake her up.

In April 2020, during the pandemic, Quebec launched a site called Panier Bleu to showcase Quebec-made products as an alternative to e-retailers like Amazon. The point clearly was that people buy Quebec made products.

Well, as of this week - over 2 years later - you are now finally able to actually purchase items. Good morning.

Now get this: Not a word of English on the site so it's only for the pure-laine peeps. The rest of the world? Get yourself to Amazon.

Now ask yourself this question: Instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars to get this site up and running, why didn't they use a place like Shopify or another platform that specializes in setting up stores online?

Because they are spending OPM - other people's money. And who cares how much it costs because for the czar and his minions there is an endless supply of our money. It's as though they have a money tree right outside the national assembly.

And these geniuses want to run a country? No comment.

It just surfaced that Diversity and Inclusion Minister Ahmed Hussen admitted to MPs he was alerted to the anti-Semitic tweets of a consultant hired by the government a month before he first spoke out on the issue. Blanche - how perfect is the title diversity and inclusion minister being held by someone named Ahmed? Justin in one of his finer woke moments.

Kudos to Anthony Housefather who alerted Ahmed about Laith Marouf who referred to Jews as “loud mouthed bags of human feces.” Unfortunately, Ahmed had plugs in his ears when Anthony spoke to him.

You will recall that Marouf was given close to $200,000 to build 'anti-racism strategy' for the media. Everytime we write this we shake our heads and simply cannot believe the stupidity of the government. Jaw-dropping. But we digress yet again.

So why did it take a month for Ahmed to figure out that Marouf is a raging Jew-hater? Not the plugs dearies.

He said he had to 'consult' with departmental officials about the government’s legal options for withdrawing the money. It took a month to figure this out? Where exactly do these 'department officials' work? In Tanzania? Or maybe Guam? Or Bali? No Blanche. Down the hall from Ahmed's office.

Ahmed said he now regrets how long it took his department to figure this out. No kidding. Here's a headline: The only thing he regrets is that everybody found out that he fits perfectly into Justin's government and is a total incompetent.

Anthony - why are you still there? Get out.

You can thank Biden and the Democrats for the frightening rise in crime in LA. Citywide robberies with firearms in L.A. are up 57 percent in 2022 from 2020. Homicides are up 29 percent over the first six months of the year compared to the same period in 2020.

Bleeding heart liberals, the defund the police peeps, black lives matter and all climate-change-save-the-whales people are now looking for bodyguards to keep them safe. Blanche did you know that in California if you get charged with a crime - say breaking and entering a person's home - but don't have bail money you get out of jail free? Yup.

These off the wall measures have created a new, booming industry in California - security.

If you are wealthy and you have a home invasion, the people who broke into your house will be arrested - hopefully before shooting you - then get out on bail that night and go to another house to break in.

Superstars and high profile people are hiring at-home bodyguards and paying $1,200-$1,500 a day for the luxury of living in their own homes without fear of being robbed while having their morning coffee. The world is going crazy.

Digest this little ditty: Taxpayers will have spent $54 million on the less than useless ArriveCan application by the end of the year. And that figure is more than double the amount recently touted by the Liberal government.

Zero accountability. #justinmustgo.

We'll talk...

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