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Jews living in Montreal - you have an opportunity to help our university students fighting anti-Semitism in concordia.

These kids are not whining, spoiled brats. They are fighting anti-Semitism like lions and need our help.

These students cannot take on the anti-semitism of concordia on their own.

The poster asks all students in Montreal to join this rally. We all have to be there.

Show up on Tuesday. The time to remain silent and let someone else take care of anti-semitism is over.

When arabs demonstrate they want to slit your throat, shriek like wild animals and threaten to tear Jews limb from limb. Now they are trying to rewrite history.

They no longer want to hear what their murderous, barbaric, blood-thirsty relatives did on October 7. That is no longer a reason for Israel to flatten gaza.

Susan sarandon, an 'actress', went like an imbecile to speak at a rally in support of arabs - this one held today in Bryant Park in New York. She hailed and lauded arabs who have blood on their hands. Look down madame sarandon - by standing together with those people your hands are dripping with the blood of Jewish children.

How dare she and other mentally challenged white, sanitized americans take the side of anyone living in gaza?

She and her ilk should be given a one-way ticket to gaza. She thinks she's helping them from Bryant park in New York? Stupid, ignorant bleeding heart liberal.

Another fool is gracia kasoki katahwa - the liberal-woke mayor of a borough on Montreal.

She has decided now is the time to invoke a bylaw that does not allow signs to be posted anywhere in her borough and has said that all the hostage posters will be taken down.

What about during elections ms katahwa? Why do you allow those posters? Do you take them down before the election? No you don't. You leave them up until the election is over.

Ms. katahwa - the line in sand has been drawn. You are either with the Jewish people are you are an anti-Semite.

Over the past twenty or so years, universities have prompted, encouraged and lauded their students to be anti-Semitic. It was done in an underhanded, odious way, couched in the bds movement, or the anti-zionist movement. 0r don't buy anything made in the West Bank.

Their attitude, the administrations turning a blind eye has come back to bite them where it counts - in their bank accounts.

An wise Blanche reader who has the clout to make a difference had enough. He wrote a scathing letter to the administration of concordia university. We will give you a short but very salient taste of his message:

As long as the Concordia administration displays feckless leadership, the university will have an extremely difficult time attracting donors, professors and students.

I’ve decided that I will never give Concordia one cent. There are more than enough worthy institutions where my charitable dollars can be utilized. I’ve also advised my children who are graduates of Concordia to never donate either.

Finally I’m going to use whatever influence I have - and I am highly influential in my community - to make sure that no one in my community supports Concordia.

This was done in the US and taken a step further. Philanthropists wrote the same kinds of letters to their alma maters and added the following: They found out who was on the school councils of their universities, shared their names and are making sure they will never get hired by many, many large companies, law firms etc.

And one more thing while we're at it: Where are the white liberal, save-the-whales-turtles-blacks-icebergs? Where are they who ran around the US supporting black lives matter? Cheering when Colin Kaepernick took a knee when the American national anthem was played?

Here's a headline white, liberal christians and liberal Jews: First they come for the Jews then they come for you. We will say this again: if you do not follow sharia law, in their eyes you need to be killed. Eliminated. Gone. And not in a nice way. In a brutal, vicious, barbaric way.

If you really believe it what you are doing, move to saudi arabia or qatar, or iran or iraq. Clearly democracy and freedom are no longer part of your life. Oh wait. That would mean not parading like a fool in Bryant Park. C'est la vie.

While we are definitely not fans of quebec's premier francois legault, there is no denying that he is behind the Jews and Israel.

We are not as sure about Valerie Plante who has mouthed the right words but has been in reality is tepid in her support of Israel. She appears to be more worried about votes in the arab communities in Montreal and therefore always couching her remarks by supporting the palestinians. Feh. Feh. Feh.

Education is power. Here are some facts that you can give over to your more liberal Jewish friends, although we're pretty sure by this they are 'seeing the light'. And if they are not, it's time to delete them from your life.

“The Palestinians want a state. They deserve a state.” LIE.

They HAD a state given to them over and over again in different summits and conferences from 1937 until 2020. All those offers were rejected by the Palestinians. They don’t want a state. Nor do the surrounding arab countries want them to have a state. Much more convenient to have them live in gaza.

“Israel is occupying the Palestinians including Gaza.” LIE.

Israel (pathetically) removed every single Jew from Gaza in 2005, including dead bodies who they dug up so Hamas wouldn’t commit the atrocities we now know they would have.

There was zero occupation in Gaza and as far as the claim in general that occupation is what brought Palestinian terrorism? 1929, before any occupation, before there was even a state of Israel, Arabs massacred Jews in Hebron. Google it. More to come on this.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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