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Time to Use the Leash With Our Phantom Dog

By nature we are skeptical and a bit wary. We found it very sketchy that the same Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer said last week that anyone over 65 years old should not be taking the AstraZeneca vaccine and poof! five days later, she said it was ok to give it to everyone.  Our suspicion was aroused because it was our turn to be vaccinated today and we knew we were going to be offered said vaccine. Why were we wary? Because this is the same Dr. Tam who said, for many, many months that the public would not know how to wear face masks, would not know how to put them on or take them off and as such touch their faces and give themselves covid. On April 1 Israel said face masks were mandatory. Dr Tam did not tell us Canucks to wear masks until 2 months later.

So you can understand our hesitancy to take the AstraZeneca vaccine which is now being given in most vaccine centers. Especially after the EU banned it for the past couple of weeks because it appeared to cause blood clots and South Africa sent it back as it doesn’t seem to cover the SA variant.

Given all of the above we did our homework before taking the vaccine, reading articles and speaking to our pharmacist. In case you were wondering why a pharmacist, know that these people understand the ingredients of medications, how they interact with other meds and what possible side effects to expect.

We were skeptical mainly because of the speed at which the vaccine was approved. She explained that with Covid in general, information is fluid and doctors and scientists are learning about it everyday. So…we took the AstraZeneca vaccine this morning.  We’ll keep you posted.

The sweeter than the sweetest maple syrup Kielburger bros testified for the Ethics Commission yesterday. We watched a bit of it on CSpan. They were highly insulted that they were even being called before such a commission. Indignant to the nth degree, claiming that they were being tried in the court of public opinion.

Can we talk here? Those beauties put themselves out there as the best thing since chopped liver when it comes to charities. They were very skilled at extricating gzillions of dollars from very rich people. They rubbed shoulders with Justin, his family and many, many other very famous people. They were not being tried in the court of public opinion as they put themselves far out into the public long ago.

They were being called up because Justin offered them hundreds of millions of our dollars and then retracted his offer when it turned out our government had people to do what they were going to do which was organize the students services grants during covid.

Turns out, while they also must have done good work at one time, they managed to build up a real estate portfolio second to none. It was supposed to have been sold but guess what? It still belongs to them. Quel surprise.

Can we talk? Papa Legault is really, really getting on our nerves. Can he please stop being everyone’s babysitter and entirely lift the only curfew in North America? Not lifting it from 8:00 pm to 9:30. 

Viruses mutate. It’s going to happen. As long as the most vulnerable people in the population are vaccinated and there is herd immunity,  people are going to get the original virus or one of its many variants and they will not get as sick as they did last year. As well, and speaking from experience, the hospitals know much, much more how to treat this virus than they did last year.

Holding people hostage at home serves no purpose except in Legault’s brain. In fact, if he allowed people to get out, if he opened restaurants, concerts and sports events with controlled numbers as many, many states and countries have done, the numbers would most likely be the same.

Adults can make their own decisions and if they are don’t and they get sick, so be it. The hospitals will not be overrun as he is endlessly trying to scare us with. If that didn’t happen when there was no vaccine and no masks it won’t happen now. It’s enough Papa Legault. We’re just about ready to find a leash and tell the nice policeman who stops us at night that we’re looking for our runaway dog.

While we are not part of Donald Trump’s fan club, there is a limit to how far the Democrats can pretend everything in the entire world is Trump’s fault. We speak of the insane influx of illegal immigrants at the Texas border, given a royal welcome by none other than President Biden.

Trump was skewered when it came to light that unaccompanied minors were being held in ‘cages’ for days until a proper place could be found for them. Can we talk here? As we speak there are well over 4,000 such unaccompanied minors being held in those same cages, which, by the way, were constructed by none other than Barack Obama.

Not only is this the highest number of illegal immigrants in 20 years, zero are getting tested for Covid. Biden was not exactly the brightest chip in the box when he told people to ‘come on down’. We’re pretty sure he has not the faintest hint of a clue how to stop this endless stream of humanity, most paying thousands of dollars to cartels only happy to take their money to help them get into the United States, clearly thousands sending their children alone.

This is a rhetorical question – please no responses: What’s with men and the size of their hands as compared to the size of their ‘member’? We can understand 15 year-old boys talking about this, but Andrew Cuomo? Perhaps he is reliving his teenage years. Obviously he is very pre-occupied with things other than governing his state. To his credit, he’s off the front pages, so standing his ground and refusing to resign seems to be working for the moment. Nonetheless, he really sounds like a creep.

Queen Elizabeth is relieved and her son Charles is ‘thrilled. Why? Because 99 year-old Prince Philip aka Phil has finally left the hospital and returned home. The genes in that family should be bottled and sold.

Update on the illegal immigration crisis: The US government is opening an emergency intake site for unaccompanied minors at a Dallas convention center as an effort to decrease overcrowding in Border Patrol facilities.

Get this statement Blanche: The new center aims to place children in a setting more designed to their needs. No kidding. Like bathrooms and showers to start with. We’re pretty sure that the Border Patrol is very happy with covid these days as there are plenty of empty convention centers to hold kids, most of whom can’t speak English, with no parents. Way to go Biden.

We’ll talk…

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