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Canadian peeps – winter is over. Even the bears came out of hibernation. When exactly will we collectively wake up and realize that our federal and provincial governments are taking very serious advantage of our ability to follow orders – even when they are no longer needed.

The most egregious, glaring example of this comes from Theresa Tam, no less than Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer. She needs either a muzzle or be fired. She stated that EVEN WITH 2 VACCINES, we can still get covid. Yes, this brainwave actually uttered those words.

Here’s a headline for Madame Tam: Crossing the street on a green light we can get hit by a car. Wearing our seatbelt can strangle us. Walking on the sidewalk a brick can accidentally fall from a building and give us a concussion.

What the he.l is she talking about? Nothing is perfect We’ve had enough negative, false, unreliable information coming from her and Ottawa. If we keep taking this crap, they will keep doling it out, complete with toilet paper.

It’s enough. Get in touch with your member of parliament – ours is Anthony Housefather – and tell them that you are done. While you may not vote for the anemic, feeble conservative party, you also won’t vote for the liberals.

What is with the absurd business that there are no French Canadiens on the Habs team? Can we talk? People have a problem with this can go speak to the genius general manager Marc Bergevin and his bosses the Molson brothers. Bergevin is  the one responsible for finding players and the Molson’s sign off on his choices.

Who cares what language hockey players speak? Right now, it doesn’t make a difference because the team sucks big time. Yelling taberwit or tabarnak won’t make a difference to how they play.

And one more thing, someone tell  Mayor Valerie Plante to stick to fixing the massive potholes on the roads and stop looking how other people are running their businesses.

Israel is being pummeled by rockets launched by arabs in Gaza. It appears that every year around Ramadan, arabs get agitated. Could it be because they don’t eat all day and are in a bad mood? As everyone knows, when a man doesn’t eat – watch out.

Ramadan ends tomorrow night. Our guess is that if the arab leadership cannot control their bros, it won’t be pretty.

Hitting Tel Aviv – the heart of the country and all the surrounding suburbs is not going to bode well or end well for the arab population living in and around Israel. These dudes just shoot rockets and hope for the best – in this case that they land on an Israeli home – G-d forbid.

Israel on the other hand, warns people in apartment buildings to get out before they bomb the place. Those who listen get saved. Those who don’t leave we guess are hoping for those 70 virgins. Israel will win whatever small war is happening now. As always, brains beats brawn any day.

Like we have said many times here, ransomware is a very dangerous thing. Seems a group called the DarkSide may be responsible for hacking into and stopping oil from getting to gas stations in the US – from Virginia to Florida and Alabama. Could be they are from Russia but no one knows for sure.

Whoever these dudes are, they are very sophisticated and upping their ante each time they hit an industry or large company. Gas stations are closing all over the place as they don’t have what to sell. Imagine if they do this to the electrical grid? Not a pretty thought.

Here’s the front page of the National Post. We’ll write it and you can ponder it: Do Lockdowns Work? Why Florida and Texas are doing better than Ontario and Alberta? Now here’s part of the article: Over the last week, Texas has had a rate of 53.2 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people; Florida’s rate is 126 per 100,000, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Meanwhile, Alberta’s seven-day case rate is 314 per 100,000 and Ontario’s is 148 per 100,000 people, according to data from the Public Health Agency of Canada’s epidemiological survey. Alberta has banned all indoor gatherings and closed patios and put strict limits on other outdoor gatherings, while Ontario is still under a stay-home order.

The main reason for all of is that we didn’t have vaccines when every other country did. Yes, we are now getting vaccinated but only one dose. In those states, people have had 2 doses long ago. You can thank Justin for how we are living now.

Blanche, remember the ‘defunding the police’ riots, stemming from the black lives matter bros? Guess what? When the police are defunded crime rises. What a surprise.

This past weekend on Saturday afternoon New Yorkers and tourists were strolling around Times Square (yes, tourists is still a word and they do exist). Suddenly there was a gunfight in broad daylight and three innocent people were shot, one a four-year-old girl looking for a toy to buy. So guess what happened? Mayor Bill Di Blasio has announced a $105 million expenditure for a new police precinct after killing the project in a bid to “defund” the NYPD last year.

Can we talk here? Defunding the police goes hand in hand with the woke culture which is in fact, black people (no, we are not capitalizing the word black) trying to erase –  not even rewrite history.

Not all history is pretty. Many cultures can attest to that including Jews and Armenians. Do they try to erase history? No. They learn from mistakes that others made and make sure they don’t happen again.

We’re done with all of this pandering and tippy-toeing around so as not to o.f.f.e.n.d anyone. Get a thicker skin and move on with your life.

We’ll talk…

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