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Trudeau Realized His Open Arms Immigration Policy Goofed. Oops.

Blanche, ever hear of the saying that someone hanging around is like a bad smell that won’t go away? Hillary Clinton fits that saying for the Democratic party.

Try as they might to explain to her that her name is like a poison pen, she just doesn’t get the hint. Of late, she has been quiet but that’s about to end this week when she will endorse Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York in a contested Democratic primary. It’s like the kiss of death.

The Clinton name is associated with mistrust, lies and ‘fund-raising’ for their own personal ‘foundation’. We won’t even mention the email scandal that continues to haunt her. People fear their name will help the candidates not win their races, but in fact, lose them.

One thing we can say with certainty: don’t get in their way or you may disappear…permanently.

This past weekend, Fort Worth and Terminus Florida had a power failure due to a huge storm. It happens. What doesn’t happen is the message everyone received on their mobile devices during the night:

Power outage and zombie alert for residents of Lake Worth and Terminus. There are now far less than seven thousands three hundred and eighty customers involved due to extreme zombie activity. restoration time uncertain.

Of course it was a hoax. It appears that Terminus is a direct reference to a fictional location in the popular show The Walking Dead, which at one point was the stronghold of a cannibalistic cult before it was overrun by zombies. Seriously?

Whadda ya know. Prime Minister Trudeau has quietly realized what an open arm policy is when it comes to welcoming people trying to cross into our country illegally.

Not that he would admit his mistake. That would never happen. Frankly, we also don’t think he realized this until someone whispered it into his ear and blocked the other ear so the information would stay in his head.

Instead, he is sneaking around hoping the media won’t notice what he’s doing. Here’s a headline for him: Not only will Canada’s media notice, but so will the entire world, as has already happened.

Trudeau realized that an “open arms” policy would entail a massive increase in border-jumpers and a huge drain on resources, particularly in the province of Quebec. Surprise!

Canada has quietly sent its ministers into the United States to speak to Haitian and El Salvadoran communities, urging them to stay in the United States and avoid migrating north. A Canadian minister was even dispatched to Nigeria, Reuters says, to persuade the Nigerian government not to encourage travel abroad.

Trudeau cannot play both sides of the fence. His liberal tree-hugging friends will find out what he’s doing and be angry with him. And the other side will smile and say we told you so. He must be happy summer’s coming so he can run away on vacation.

There was a new study done on which city is the best to live in. Montreal came out on top in terms of fun, but on the bottom of the list in terms of economy. No shocker there.

You can begin by thanking the PQ, Peladeau’s fist pump and go right up to today when the CAQ said that people who want to move here have to speak a bit of French. Again we will say that when it comes time to vote in October, be careful what you wish for. Legault is absolutely, totally not to be trusted.

And every time there’s a whiff of a hint of a referendum or talk of a distinct society, another company runs for the hills.

Blanche, we know you are curious as to what other cities were involved, so we’ll tell you: Toronto, Vancouver, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Denver, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego.

You can now see that when it comes to new businesses moving here, we don’t have a hope in you-know-where.

It appears that Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer is in some serious dog doodoo. His partner flipped on him and agreed to cooperate with authorities as part of a plea deal to stay out of prison. Dat does not bode well for Cohen and by extension Trump.

Evgeny Freidman (now that’s a mouthful, eh Blanche?) has been accused of failing to pay more than $5 million in taxes and faced four counts of criminal tax fraud and one of grand larceny — all B felonies. Each carries a maximum prison sentence of up to 25 years in prison.

Not wanting to spend the next 100 years behind bars, Freidman began to sing like a hummingbird. Let’s see, what are the chances that Cohen and Friedman are still friends?

This is a bit scary: Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to move all security cabinet meetings from the prime minister’s office to a high-tech underground secure bunker in Jerusalem which hosts the national crisis management center.

The reason given is that the threat of escalation with Iran is growing. Ok….

In our never-ending quest to keep you up to date on the NAFTA talks, we have the most current news and it doesn’t jive one iota with what Trudeau said last week – that the talks are moving along well and they are almost ready to sign.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Monday said major issues remained in talks between the United States, Mexico and Canada to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

So it’s not dead but cooking on a very low flame. Get rid of Chrystia Freeland.

We’ll talk….

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