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Trump: I’m Not Special. I’m a Limited Edition

In case you were wondering if Trump is out of control wonder no more. He’s out of control. When asked last night in an interview if he was pro-life he said yes. When asked if women who have abortions should be punished and say, oh go to jail , he also said yes. Then he took a step back and said, ok, maybe the doctors should go to jail. Then he said maybe they should both go to jail.

He was also asked how high the wall between Mexico and US would be. Right now we’re at 35 feet. Blanche, dats a very high wall. And finally, today he met with the Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. Not that’s a name, eh? What exactly were his parents thinking? But we digress.

Trump’s meeting no doubt had to do with the fact that this week he said he would not pledge in advance to support the eventual GOP nominee. Read: if I’m not the nominee I will run as an independent. That would almost 100% ensure a victory for Hillary as the votes would be split between the Republican candidate and Trump.

Frankly, all Hillary has to do is sit back and watch the GOP show. Once she gets through the email business, which looks like it’s coming to an end, she’s basically home free and will most likely move back into the White House next January.

If you think you have problems, you don’t hold a candle to Brazil. In less than six months the summer olympics are supposed to be taking place in Rio de Janeiro, which translated means River of January. Don’t say Blanche doesn’t make your life interesting.

This next bit of news may sound familiar to people living in la Belle Province: funding for the construction of a major venue has been blocked while authorities investigate allegations of corruption. Seriously? Corruption? Quel horreur. Brown envelopes? Shoddy work? Watered down cement? Blanche, what are you saying?

Lest you think athletes will be competing in a park think again. Seven of the nine venues are complete. It’s just that someone woke up, a tad late, to discover many hands in the till so to speak. Corruption coupled with the dreaded Zika mosquito and the pollution in the waters where people will have to swim and sail are making these games less than desirable. Let’s face it…the entire olympic business is one big corruption scandal.

There was a good article in today’s paper about the Ghomeshi affair. Not to sound repetitive, but this story is not going away anytime soon due to the myriad of levels. In Blanche’s correspondence with the author a very interesting point emerged.

Firstly, did you know that Ghomeshi’s female lawyer is being vilified by feminists for taking the case in the first place. That, in and of itself is ridiculous. Does that also mean women judges should recuse themselves from rendering a verdict?

What we are reading between the lines is the frustration of women. In that regard they happen to be correct. The real villain here is the CBC management who had complaints from women against Ghomeshi for years and did nothing about them. Instead, they chose to protect their ‘star’. Two of those executives have been fired, but frankly, that’s not enough. The CBC themselves should have to come forward and first and foremost apologize to the women who endured even a day of abuse – emotional or physical.

Ghomeshi’s next trial is about the workplace, the CBC to be exact. Let’s wait and see what happens at that trial, who gets called to the stand and if the prosecution will do their homework and dig up information they missed the first time around. We could not help but share these next few nutball quotes from Donald Trump. Honestly, if this is all America can come up with to run for president we are all in trouble:

1. Says he consults himself on foreign policy. “I have a good brain.” 2. Calls for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the country 3. Says two of three most important functions of federal government are providing health care and education

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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