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Trump’s Motto: I Know What I Am and What I am Capable of. You’d Be Wise Not To Underesti

According to Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump has gotten more nightly network news coverage than the entire Democratic field combined. Trump’s calling for a ban on muslims entering the United States gave him more publicity than he could have ever dreamed about. His remarks that this should be done until those in charge figure out what is going on is priceless. When asked what prompted these inflammatory remarks his response was one word: death. If you think this is outrageous, the best is yet to come.

He has not yet set his sights on Hillary Clinton. That is going to be something to watch and listen to. Wait until he gets starts talking about Benghazi and what happened there when Ambassador Stevenson died with no American help. Then he will delve into her email server which was in her house. Ladies and gentlemen, Trump is just getting warmed up. He is talking directly to the people with no filter and telling them exactly what they want to hear. There’s no double talk and no political spin. He is pandering to voters.

He’s also brilliant, playing the media like a violin. Both sides are winning here. The media is raking in tons of money and Trump doesn’t need super pacs to fund his campaign. In case you were not sure if his latest remark hurt or helped him, the new polls just came out: Trump 35%, Rubio 15% Carson 12%, Cruz 10%.

The mayor of Montreal doesn’t get out much. Well maybe he goes out but he certainly doesn’t do the shopping. He wants to ban plastic bags in Montreal. Can we talk? We’re going back to paper bags? How am I carrying three paper bags to my car? Remember when they used to break at the bottom and things would fall out on the street?

How about banning idiotic plastic water bottles that contain nothing but tap water? Who needs all those bottles? Go buy a pitcher or permanent plastic cup with a lid, turn on your tap and voila! you have water to drink and will certainly save some whales and a piece of the planet.

We found this short news item to prove our point: For only $99 per day (plus delivery fee), Sakara Life will bring a big bag of greens and water to your door. What makes their $24 “Beauty Water” so special? It has trace minerals, rose oil, and silica, which “makes your water wetter so your cells actually uptake more water.” Makes your water wetter? Hehehehehehe. Call Mayor Coderre. He needs wetter water. Hehehehehehehe.

Now a little ditty about gun control. The Cheaper Than Dirt gun store in Fort Worth Texas recorded a record day of gun sales the day after the election of President Barack Obama and to this day is having trouble keeping up with the demand for assault rifles. Here’s a quote from a gun store: “Americans are not just putting them in their closet and waiting for a burglary. They’re taking classes on how to protect themselves. Background checks on Black Friday 2015 topped 185,000. That’s 8,000 guns sold every hour. 2,000,000 in November and and almost 20 million this year.”

Since Obama became President over 100 million guns were sold. We would venture a guess that Americans don’t feel secure with him as president. He’s not a leader in any way, shape or form. In case you are doubting this, here’s something to ponder: Top TSA officials from the Office of Global Strategies said today that airport security remains lax and they have no idea how to beef it up. There are holes that simply cannot be plugged. As one senior official said,”“There remain gaps in security that needs to be addressed.” Leaderless from top to bottom. No wonder people are taking matters into their own hands.

As everyone knows, global warming or climate change is slow to come to China. Very slow. They have issued a red alert, the highest for emergency measures and the first time ever done for pollution. Schools, businesses and factories have shut down so people don’t have to breathe in the toxic air. Will this make them start to get rid of those coal factories. Not any time soon.

Meanwhile, half the people outside are wearing masks, the other half smoking. Doesn’t sound like there will be too many tourists there for a while. However, if you are in the face mask business we suggest that you find a contact in China.

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