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Trump’s New Motto: When Killing Them With Kindness Doesn’t Work, Try a Baseball Bat. Res

The world will have to wait until tomorrow to find out if Great Britain will stay in the European Union or leave. The odds are that they will stay. When push comes to shove, fear of the unknown is much greater than dealing with the issues at hand. If the Brits vote to stay put, it will definitely put a damper on Scotland, Ireland and Quebec’s desire to be the king of their castles. If it goes the other way – hold onto your hat cause the ride is going to be wild.

If the city could do more to make the lives of those who actually have to get somewhere more miserable, it’s news to us. No matter where you turn, no matter which small side street you think is not part of the orange cone festival, you get caught.

Today we went to fetch our laundry from the cleaners. Sorry maam, it’s not ready. The city turned off our water – with no warning – for almost two days to ‘fix’ something. It was supposed to have gone on today at 1:00 pm but it didn’t go back on until 4:00 pm. Go do something.

Now we hear that the main north south thoroughfare (the Decarie Expressway) in Montreal will be closed for a few weekends in July. Seems the geniuses are demolishing an overpass and they don’t want concrete to fall on the cars. Can we talk?

Why can’t they work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and get this job done in a few days? Why must they drag this out and basically kill any business going downtown.

Wait, just wait until this is almost finished and, like the ‘super’ hospital they find out – zut alors – they forgot to do something key, like build a ramp somewhere. Right now there is no wifi in the super hospitals. They are changing servers to fix the issue but you can bet your bippy they have to break a contract to do it and pay through the nose to get the problem fixed.

We are told the orange cone festival is due to years of structural neglect. Here’s a headline: We’re going to suffer for a lot longer as our mayor is still on his spending spree and this obviously includes the orange cone festival.

CNN has hired Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s ex-campaign manager as a political commentator. Ya think he’ll have what to say about the Donald? Don’t look for Trump today or tomorrow. He’s in Scotland opening his second golf course. Seems that people in the area are still suing him over the first golf course he opened. Some people are so aggravated with him that they are flying Mexican flags. Someone should tell them that Trump doesn’t give a rats if they fly themselves on a flagpole. He does what he wants, how he wants and when he wants.

Oh yes, one more thing. They don’t have a vote in the election.

Bernie Sanders finally saw the light. “It doesn’t look like I will be the nominee.” Ya think? So what’s he going to do now? Support Hillary? He can’t seem to get the words out quite yet. It’s either campaign for her or go back to Verrrrrmont and watch the grass grow and the cows moo on the Ben and Jerry farm.

The geffufelment is over regarding the renaming of the Vimy Park to the Jacques Parizeau Park. If anyone thought that the bigoted city council of Outremont was going to vote any other way we have swampland in Florida to sell you.

That council hates ethnics and money. Sound familiar? That’s what Parizeau said when he lost the referendum. All da fault of doze etnics and da rich people. Or to say it another way, if you are not a pure unadulterated catholic french canadian, you don’t count.

There is already a building named after him and there will most likely be a large street named after him shortly as well. As for the idiotic gazebo honoring Mordechai Richler, here’s the scoop Mabel: Richler is a juif and anglo. He got under their skin and they don’t want to honor him with anything. Under duress and pressure, they agreed to the gazebo but you can see for yourself how much they wanted to build it. Ever hear the saying where there’s smoke there’s fire? Rumors are flying that PK Suban is going to be traded from Montreal to Edmonton or some other place with money. He has a $72 million contract that has a no trade clause starting July 1. We still have a week to go and let’s bet he’s gone before that. The only thing that will remain in Montreal is his name in the Children’s Hospital.

It’s pretty obvious that his big mouth and very loud lifestyle is getting under the skin of the dry, boring and completely ineffective Montreal Canadiens management.

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