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Uh Oh. Trudeau Lost His Big Boy Pants. Fear Not. He still has his Socks and Hair.

If Trudeau had any illusions that Canadians are still infatuated with his hair and socks, he’s in for a very rude awakening. It looks like they are finally seeing that there is truly only air between his ears. 

In the past couple of days he tweeted during an evening honouring Nelson Mandela. It was a fund-raiser to support education for women and girls around the world. Everyone knows that Trudeau is an uber-feminist, which by the way raises our antenna. Women don’t need Trudeau to defend them and we think that he doth praise women just a tad to much, if you get the drift. Men do that when they have something to hide. They think it makes them look like they really care. But we digress.

During the event hosted by a comedian, our Prime Minister tweeted the following. ‘Hey @trevornoah thanks for everything you’re doing to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s legacy. Sorry I can’t be with you but how about Canada pledges $50 million to @EduCannotWait to support education for women and girls around the world? Work for you? Let’s do it.’

Got that? Work for you? Let’s do that? Trudeau is a spoiled brat. He nonchalantly tweeted that he’s giving $50 million of your tax money to this organization. At exactly the same time that General Motors is closing plants putting hundreds of Canadian people out of work and, at the same time he threw the dairy farmers under the bus with the new NAFTA agreement.

How about $50million is a huge amount of money and you should make an official announcement that you are giving it away? How about that money doesn’t belong to you and you are literally spending other people’s money like water?

Those surrounding Trudeau dispensing ‘advice’ have taken obnoxious and arrogance to a new level. We know Trudeau is not the brightest chip in the box. But his handlers? They are writing a new book on how to spend other people’s money as quickly as is humanly possible obviously taking advantage of their less than intelligent boss.

Are we the only ones who think that the US has gone totally overboard in their adoration of the late GHWB aka 41 aka George Herbert Walker Bush. They brought his dog to say goodbye? Ok. He’s a service dog and they are different. But seriously. The dog needed a bone or a cookie and he would have been very happy staying in Texas smelling 41’s socks.

They keep saying what a wonderful family he had. Can we talk? His kids couldn’t be there when he died? He had to say goodbye on the phone? They don’t have money for the plane fare? Maybe they were too busy.

This whole adulation of 41 is because the political establishment are trying to show what a crude, primitive boor Trump is. It may work for a few days, but reality will quickly set back in and everyone will realize that Trump is still the president. Two more days of this and  it’s over. Don’t worry, our prime minister chimed in and our flags will fly at half-mast tomorrow. Unfortunately for Trudeau, his bro Obama is no longer in the White House and after 41’s funeral, he will be back dealing with Trump. Best he locate his big boy pants.

If Trump is going to count on the economy to get himself re-elected in a couple of years, he did not do himself any favours today.

Wall Street was initially encouraged by his Saturday deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping in which both sides agreed to a 90-day timeout of the US-China trade war. On Monday stock indexes rose amid optimism the US and China might strike a deal, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which Trump often touts, gaining nearly 300 points.

Alas, Trump tweeted today that he’s ‘tariff man’. Uh oh. Does that mean this 90 day truce is just that – a truce for a mere 90 days which includes all the holidays?

As well, there are serious concerns about a potential economic slowdown which does not bode well for Trump at all. Add this to the fact that there appears to be some confusion on the timeline from the US: National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow initially told reporters the 90-day clock started on January 1, but the White House later put out a correction, saying it was actually December 1.Oops.

There’s also a different story coming out of China about what happened. On Monday, state media outlets made no mention of Trump’s 90-day time frame or reducing tariffs on US cars. They didn’t offer specifics on buying American-made products, either.

All of this to say the stock market dropped 700 points today and people are very jittery. Which does not bode well for Trump.

Not that anyone cares, but Leslie Roberts who replaced Tommy Schnurmacher last year is departing CJAD. Frankly the station has become vanilla, flat-line and mind-numbingly boring from 9-2. Mornings and drive home shows have announcers who actually have inflection in their voices and can keep listeners attention as opposed to said flatline or giggling. Let’s hope Montreal’s main English radio station can get their act together and get some decent announcers.

Actually, there’s already one waiting in the wings – Trudie Mason. She’s quick-witted, smart and the opposite of vanilla and boring. Can someone please tell those in charge not to seek out ‘stars’ from television who are unable to make the switch to radio, which means not just reading what is on the teleprompter but actually thinking and not talking like a robot? The solution is right under their noses. Just pick up your head and look down.

We’ll talk…

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