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Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh……

After ‘reflecting very carefully’ on groping allegation, Trudeau says he doesn’t feel he acted inappropriately. Well, that’s it then, eh Blanche?

We are going to let Trudeau’s remark set in for a second. The woman in question and the article she wrote immediately following the incident offers a very different version. If no other women come forward, the #metoo aficionados will back off. However, if there are any other allegations, Trudeau best find himself a very good spokesperson. Certainly a better one that he now has.

Justin Trudeau is also not very popular with provincial premiers, to be exact Ford and Couillard. Quebec, which has seen the bulk of asylum seekers arrive this year, has said its costs are close to $146 million, though that tally includes projections for future expenses. The province is set to receive $36 million from Ottawa.

These monies are to pay for Trudeau’s open-arm policy inviting any and all illegal immigrants into Canada. Come on down. We’ll house you, feed you, clothe you and take care of all your medical needs. Oh, yes. The provinces will pay the bulk of those bills. We just send out the invites.

And one more thing. We heard Trudeau speaking today on the subject of groping. He could be one of, if not the worst public speaker we have ever heard. He is not able put together four words without saying uh, uh, uh. I think uh, that it’s uh, not good uh. Get him a speech tutor.

Blanche, did you see that young woman yesterday try to climb the Statue of Liberty? What exactly was she thinking? Oh wait. She wasn’t thinking. She was demonstrating against Trump’s policy of separating children from their parents when illegally trying to get into the US. By climbing the Statue of Liberty?

We watched the ‘rescue’. She put police lives at risk as Madame Liberty’s surface is very slippery and with every step forward, they slid backwards. They had to harness themselves and this stupid woman to them to get her down. What a dufus.

Here’s something to chew on – pardon the pun. The US has a cheese surplus. Don’t worry, thanks to the self-serving Canadian dairy board, we won’t be seeing any of it here in Canada. We will continue to pay for home-grown cheese at exhorbitant prices and not allow any imports. Those dairy farmers have a great gig going. Hopefully, Trump will help us out of our misery.

We have been following the twelve boys and their coach in Thailand currently trapped deep underground in a tunnel. The most spoken of rescue method has been to give each boy diving gear and have them swim out with a navy seal or very experienced diver. There is an issue with this:

There are 2.5 miles of tunnel to navigate, some of it completely submerged under water. It currently takes the experienced divers five hours to make that journey due to high currents, poor visibility, and narrow, muddy paths. Time is running out for that option as it is monsoon season in Thailand and heavy rain is expected by the weekend.

The other options they are looking at are: pumping out the water so the boys and the coach can simply walk out the way they came in. Or drilling into the cave and pulling the boys out from above. But this method would require new roads to accommodate the drilling equipment, as well as better maps and time to figure out where exactly the boys are and how to reach them.

These boys are not out of the woods yet. G-d should watch over them.

Scott Pruitt, ex-head of the EPA in the United States was a very serious piece of work. He epitomizes the ‘entitled’ sector of government: He extensively flew first-class travel on the taxpayer dime; He had a $43,000 soundproof phone booth placed in his office; He replaced the head of his security detail who wouldn’t let him use lights and sirens to zip around the city like the president; his staff erased much of what was in his daily diary as people would have been crazed.

This is definitely not one of the Trump’s better appointments. Good thing he’s history.

Shea Weber, the wonder-boy who was traded for PK Subban by the Montreal Canadians has a debilitating knee injury following his debilitating foot injury. So much for management’s great hiring acumen at the Canadien’s head office. You won’t be seeing this ‘super-star’ for about six months. Looking forward to the upcoming season? Perk up Blanche. Miracles do happen.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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