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Unstable Lebanon Has Now Become both More Unstable and a Powder-Keg.

Although most people have read multiple reports as to what happened in Beirut, here are some other facts: …Seismologists measured the event as the equivalent of a magnitude 3.3 earthquake.

…Was it deliberate? No one knows for sure and it could be that no one will ever know. It appears to be pure negligence which will land on the government. Already there are rumours about rebellions. The country is extremely unstable and this could tip the scale to complete anarchy there.

…The country is already reeling from insane inflation, the coronavirus completely out of control, filling most ICU beds, leaving little room for the injured to be treated. People were being operated on in the streets with little or no anaesthetic. Barbaric. And they won’t take help from  Israel who is known for their field hospitals. Absolutely ridiculous.

…Over 250,000 people have lost their homes, with no where to go. No doubt that number will rise.

…Hezbollah controls much of Lebanon’s Shiite-majority areas, including parts of Beirut. Let’s see if they get blamed for this massive explosion, which decimated much of Beirut. If they are anything like Hamas who runs the Gaza Strip, any monies supposedly going to the people and infrastructure, is likely being siphoned off to the ‘leaders’.

Now that the world is giving money to Lebanon to rebuild, it will be interesting to see if it actually gets to the people, unlike in Gaza where nothing has been done for decades.

…Where are the other Arab countries offering aid to Lebanon? Where are their bros? We don’t see or hear a word from them. Clearly they don’t take care of each other.

If you think for a half a second that what is going on in Portland Oregon is simply because of George Floyd, you need to take a pill. Last night rioters attacked the Portland Police Department’s East Precinct which is in a residential area, and reportedly tried to run over police officers while fleeing the scene after attempting to set the building on fire.

Earlier, a group of a few hundred people blocked traffic, shined green lasers at police officers, attempted to tear down protective boarding on the building, and worked to disable surveillance cameras in an attempt to conceal their criminal activity.

Somebody is paying serious money for these ‘protesters’ to come out night after night trying to destabilize Portland and then move on to other cities. It’s time for Biden to speak up about this or he will look like he’s part of the gang.

And to the anti-Trumpers out there – this  will not get rid of Trump. These protests  will be one of the main reasons that he could very well be  re-elected in November.

Heads up anyone going to the big Apple. The illustrious mayor of New York, Bill di Blasio clearly has more money than he knows what to do with. He is now setting up checkpoints at tunnels and bridges to find travelers from 35 COVID hotspot states; if it’s discovered that they have come from one of those states, they will be told to quarantine. Every sixth or eighth car will be checked.

If you are caught and do not self-isolate for 14 days you will be fined $10,000. Of course hizzoner has absolutely no way of tracing those people nor does he have the manpower to followup on this threats. Stay home.

Heads up if you are planning to go to Los Angeles. If the mayor finds out you made a party in your house in violation of the coronavirus laws, he will make certain both your power and water are shut off. Good for him.

Three cheers for Great Britain getting out of the European Union. No doubt you have never heard of Sweden’s former Prime Minister, Carl Bildt, who currently serves as the Co-Chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations.We will enlighten as to what he did you so that you, too, can be aggravated.

Right after the blast in Lebanon, Israel offered to send in humanitarian aid. Bildt, an outright anti-semite tweeted the following: “The only encouraging thing in this catastrophe in Lebanon is that even Israel has been quick in offering humanitarian aid.” Even Israel? Where has this jerk been the past 40 years? In 1965, Israel offered to send antibiotics, X-ray films and other pharmaceutical and medical supplies to the victims of a catastrophic earthquake in Chile.

In 2004, Israel sent relief to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and first response aid after the 2004 tsunami with 60 tons of international aid to Indonesia, and 82 tons of relief to Sri Lanka.

In 2012, Israel offered to receive casualties who were evacuated from Syria after the violence in Syria; some Israeli doctors were even on the Syrian-Turkish border treating victims of the Syrian violence.

You can bet your last dime that Mr.Bildt didn’t offer one cent of help to anyone. Margaret Thatcher was right when she said England should not get involved with the rest of Europe.

So now the Quebec government has allowed 250 people at outdoor concerts, weddings, parties, festivals etc. Of course everyone must be 1.5 meters apart and wear masks unless seated. There is no doubt that life as we knew it must resume. However, when parties and weddings are mixed with alcohol and loud music, social distancing, masks and any other ‘responsible’ things to prevent the spread of the virus will be, pardon the pun, out the window.

Not much to say except we hope that we are very wrong about what we are thinking. It won’t take long to find out. Melbourne Australia is a perfect example of what happens if people don’t take the regulations seriously.

They didn’t adhere to the rules, the numbers of infected people  are rising again,  and now they are being totally shut down again for no less than six weeks.

Quebec’s Education Minister Jean-François Roberge refused requests for an interview. He’s hiding together with the health minister because it will not be until next week, 2 weeks before school is supposed to open that any kind of plan for resumption of school will be made public. What exactly is the problem here? The government had the entire summer to figure out this plan and they are acting like the kids who cram for exams the night before because they were partying when they should have been studying.

The difference here is we are dealing with paid civil servants whose sole job it is – both the education and health ministers – to give clear directives to parents, teachers and administrative staff in schools as to what’s going to happen if and when the schools actually open.

Parents and teachers should be protesting in the streets. Up in arms at the incompetence of their elected officials. Not asleep at the wheel waiting like lap dogs for a bone. Digusting.

Can we talk about airheads? We mean the serious ones that have a strong fans blowing information in one ear and out the other.

Passengers on the luxury ship SeaDream I are at sea in quarantine, as a guest on a previous voyage tested positive for COVID-19. Are those people out of their minds? They forgot about the dozen or so cruise ships the floated around oceans for months before they were allowed to dock?

Because of this ship, Cruise Lines International Association, a trade association with members including Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Virgin Voyages cruise lines, among dozens of others, announced the extension of a voluntary pause in operations through Oct. 31. No sailing until at least then. Our guess is that cruises will not resume until next spring at the earliest.

As for the brainwaves stuck on the SeaDream – someone can go and serenade them with the Perry Como song Dream Along with Me.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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