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So how polite were Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau (or, if you’re Sean Spicer – Joe Trudeau)? Let’s just say that until Trump, the brash American met Trudeau, he never really understood the meaning of the word polite. And until Trudeau, the entitled Canuck met Trump he never really understood the meaning of the words suck-it-up. Their performances were worthy of a better maple syrup trade deal.

The bottom line? They both know which side their bread is buttered on. It would serve no purpose to bring up stuff that they disagree on. In fact, a question was asked to Trudeau to compare his relationship with Obama to Trump. Guess what he answered? He didn’t. Next.

Charles Taylor, who co-chaired the infamous Bouchard-Taylor Commission which later gave birth the the Charter of Values no longer endorses and/or is having second thoughts regarding one of the report’s recommendations… the wearing of religious symbols by state agents (including magistrates and police officers) but for no one else. Can we talk?

Ten years later he’s waking up? He just realized that singling out people who are observant in their religion would bring out the most racist people, sanctioned by the government. This back-peddling emphasizes under the most magnified magnifying glass that people who sit in ivory towers like university professors or bureaucrats with little or no interaction with the public should not be the ones chairing commissions or making charters.

And while we’re on the subject, one wonders which ivory tower Quebec’s health minister is living in these days. What he forgets or perhaps chooses not to think about, is that one day he will get sick and need the medical system to work for him. Wherever he winds up, he should be treated to the exact letter of the law.

In what looks like a real-life spy thriller, North Korean’s leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother, Kim Jong-nam, has been assassinated in Malaysia. He was killed at Kuala Lumpur airport after being attacked by two women with ‘poisoned needles’. Seriously?

He ran away to Malaysia because his uncle, Jang Sung-thaek was assassinated by KJ-un. Kim Jong-un is one dangerous dude.

Since Trump became president, those in Washington have not been able to breathe. Yet, until yesterday, everybody stayed in place, despite the roller-coaster ride that is Trump’s office. Now they have their first casualty.

Michael Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general, lasted only 24 days before his tenure was cut short by an admission that he had misled the vice president and other White House colleagues about the contents of a phone call with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

It was Flynn who flew all over the US with Trump during the campaign, talking him down or just talking to him. They obviously became friends as Flynn was made National Security advisor. Dat’s over Blanche. Now who’s going to be Trump’s friend. Don’t say Bannon, that’s way to scary.

Ever hear of Whole Foods? They are very big into organic, free-range, very clean eating. Their prices are also in the moon. They prey on mostly very skinny people with pale complexions who think that when they buy organic anything they are saving the planet and themselves. Not.

In an article published in Forbes magazine last year, it was pointed out that many consumers believe that the Organic label means the food has superior nutrition and is safer, especially in regard to pesticide residues. This is not true. Studies have shown no appreciable difference in nutrition between crops grown either organically or conventionally.

Back to Whole Foods. Seems Wal-Mart and other, not such ‘upscale’ stores have jumped into the ‘organic’ market and Whole Foods, grossly overpriced, is now losing their market share. Quel dommage.

The Montreal Canadiens are big into recycling. So big that they recycled their coach. Today Michel Therrien was fired as Canadiens’ coach and Claude Julien returned as head coach. He was the coach from 2003-2006. Ya think this was done to appease their fans but nothing will change. Exactly.

We are a big fan of Ivanka Trump. We think both she and her ideas are intelligent and forward-thinking. We wonder however, what she was thinking when taking a picture together with Trump and Trudeau with her sitting in the president’s chair. The visual is very strange and kind of inappropriate.

we’ll talk…

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