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Up Up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon (aka Helicopter)

Don’t say we didn’t post it first. Those dudes who escaped from the prison in rural Quebec by helicopter for sure had someone on the inside helping them. First we heard that their threat risk was lowered so they didn’t have to wear shackles. Today we found out that in fact a judge cannot issue such an edict. ‘Someone else’ made the decision to allow them to go out into the yard, sans shackles and handcuffs. Zut alors! Then they were able to jump onto the helicopter! By the way, it took 48 seconds for them to jump on, buckle up and take off.

Two things are happening here: The first is that the whoever is feeding the justice minister information from her own department is either a rookie or a pea-brained bureaucrat who can’t find their way out of a filing cabinet.

The second thing is that the Justice department has no friends in that prison. Everyone in there is afraid for their job. Truthfully, as they are unionized we are pretty sure that if a few people are let go, they will be handsomely rewarded with compensation payments.

The United States left Iraq in December 2011. It took three years for the place to completely disintegrate. The Sunni fundamentalist fighters called Isis are so radical that they are making AL-Queida look tame. One of their spokesmen said that 60 per cent of the Iraqi population, “are a disgraced people”, accusing them of being “polytheists”. To you and me that means infidels and if someone is an infidel they don’t deserve to live.

We feel terrible for the US families who lost their children fighting there, obviously for nothing. It took three years for the tribal warfare to start up again, with a vengeance. Obama is making some gestures that the United States might get involved. He should stick to chewing gum and let the tribes fight it out themselves. They are retaliating for what they did to each other for the past 500 or so years. He’ll never understand that mentality.

Remember how many years it took the city to redo Park Avenue? Years and years and years. Remember when they had to re-dig up a street because someone put a water main in wrong, or something like that? Well, those same geniuses are about to dig up the main street in Montreal, St. Catherine. They say it will take about three years. Right. Tell it to the marines.

They are about to kill all the stores along that street. Why must they dig up the entire street in one shot? Why can’t they hire someone with a speck of an iota of intelligence and perhaps do one block, finish it and then move on to the next block. That way most of the stores can stay open and the job will be done right the first time. Maybe…

Ever hear of Uber? Interesting concept. It’s a cross between a cab and a car service. You join up, give your credit card on file and if you need to go from one place to another you simply call them up and within 7 or 8 minutes tops there’s a clean car at whatever corner you’re on. They already know where you want to go because you told them when you called for the car and you don’t need any money as the amount is automatically registered.

The cabbies in London are having a meltdown over Uber. They went on strike for a day and guess what happened? Uber’s usage was up by 850%. Next tactic should be to emulate Uber – be more polite, don’t take only cash, know your way around the city and get on some kind of computer system to field calls.

Keeping you up-to-date on Edward Snowden. Although he is physically still stuck in Russia, he gives talks and interviews in the U.S. via a telepresence robot that shows his face in real time and allows him to see his interviewers.

Reporter Julia Prosinger recounted an incident at the ACLU offices in New York City when her epilepsy triggered and Snowden, Skyping in from Russia, knew exactly what to do.

When he saw Prosinger about to faint, he quickly told his ACLU lawyer, Ben Wizner, to catch her before she could hit her head on the metal filing cabinets. He also made sure that Wizner put the reporter in the recovery position and brought her a glass of juice. How did he know what to do? Snowden was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 28. Small world, eh?

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